Some FPP strategy questions

I know there are FPP planning questions seem to come up daily, but this is one I haven’t seen.

My window opens up on Wednesday for our Summer vacation. I’m planning on an evening and early morning at AK on day 4 and 6 of our trip. This is what I’m thinking of doing when I book my fastpasses.

#1 - Book for day #4 FOP or River after 5 pm
#2 - Book for day #6 FOP or River early AM (if possible, I’ll book FOP for both days. We’re planning on RD for this day)
#3 - Book Slinky for day #2, afternoon/early evening (if Slinky’s not available, then TSM or something else)
#4 - Book 7DMT for day #5 morning

Once I have these 4 FP done, I will then go back and fill in the rest of those park days as well as the other days with the other attractions I want. I just want to make it quick and painless. I have an idea of the time frames I want to start with for these important fast passes.

Is this a good strategy? Does it make a difference to only book one attraction per day until I get those prime FPP reserved? Or, do I just try to finish up each day at a time?

I’ve usually been fine with my FPP choices I’ve had in the past, but FOP and the new Toy Story Land are stressing me out. Add in the fact that I need to get up at 3:30 to book on the same day I’m working and going to Disney After Dark out here in Disneyland just adds to the planning anxiety!


It’s a really good strategy to do the hard to get rides first and then backfill the rest. Most other rides will be easy to get at any time and you don’t want a FoP to slip through your fingers because you were getting a ride that still has availability a month later.

I haven’t been paying attention to the TSL FPs but I’m slightly concerned about Slinky availability on day 2 and I wonder if you should move that up, but FoP is probably still harder to get.

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I had exactly the same thought! Get your priority FP at each park and then go back and fill in the other 2 after you get your initial. Been a while since I booked Fast Passes, but it sounds like a good theory. When are you going? Let me know if you try this and how it worked

Thank you both for your opinions! I feel better about my decision now. We’re going to the world from 7/8-7/14, so I know it’s going to be busy. But then, it’s always busy when we go! As far as TSL goes, we’re okay if we don’t get on Slinky, we’re going back at Christmas. It’s more the novelty of the new ride that is drawing us. This may be our last summer WDW for a few years. :cry:

I’ll be sure to report back on my success!

I’m eager to hear about your experience booking FP+s since we arrive on 7/15 and I’ll be booking ours late next week!

Are you staying the entire vacation on-site and have the luxury of being able to use a 60+ duration of stay booking window for your FPP’s? I’m not a very experienced at all this but I’ve read that getting FoP passes as late in the week as you can possibly can if you’re staying on-site is a solid strategy. This would allow for a better possibility of actually getting them and maybe even at better times than you otherwise would have.

I am happy to report that my plan worked very well this morning! I was able to get all of the Fastpasses I wanted, including Slinky. I think one thing I would have done differently is for my FOP fastpasses.

These are the hard to get Fastpasses I was able to get for a party of 5:

7/9 Slinky 6:50
7/10 FOP 3:45
7/13 FOP 10:25

These were all within the time range I was hoping to get. I think one mistake I made was booking my afternoon FOP fastpass first (because it was earlier in the stay) and then booking my morning FOP. I think if I had booked the morning one first, I would have been able to get a FOP time closer to park opening, which was my ideal. But, it’s all good. I’m happy with my plan and choices. Totally worth getting up at 3:30 for! :slight_smile:

And as I was typing this, I started to rethink things, and I changed my morning FOP to Navi River Journey, planning on a rope drop commando style day for the morning. My sister is prone to motion sickness, and what if she can’t do it again. Like I said earlier, we’re going back at Christmas, so I’m okay if we only do it once!

I’m getting excited!

Congrats on getting those fastpasses!

Happy it worked out. On 7/13 consider ubering over to hit FoP first thing for an additional ride. Its amazing :slight_smile: