Some family onsite, some offsite and MDE?

Hello, we are looking forward to a first extended family trip.

Half of us are onsite and half offsite. This is just really what suited each group.

Is it possible to link DME so we can ride and eat together sometimes? Do we need to wait until 30 days to add them to rides?


You need to link them to you as “family and friends”.

You can then book FPs for them when you book yours,

Two things to be aware of:

In each Fastpass group, there must be at least one onsite guest with the offsite people.

And once booked you won’t be able to modify theirs until their own 30 day window. Which effectively means you’ll have to stick with what you have.

Thanks for the quick reply. We are onsite which is good, but means we are in driving seat for planning…lots of fun ahead.

I think you meant MDE: My Disney Experience, not DME: Disney’s Magical Express (airport bus). At first, I was thrown by the thread title and your questions, but then I read Nickysyme’s reply and understood. Common - and easy - mistake!

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If you’re making dining reservations you can make them for the whole group, it will want names attached to them, but who actually shows up doesnt matter as long as the total number is correct.

You don’t need any names on an ADR, other than the lead name. You can book for “me” plus 7 guests and leave it like that.