Some concern about TP's advice re Anna and Elsa

I am working on my plan for January and am doing my MK plan during a crowd level 4 day. I have an existing FP to meet Anna and Elsa at 6:30pm, which I entered into the plan.

When I optimize the plan is telling me not to bother using the FP at 6:30, but instead to go at 12:40 and have a 40 minute wait.

This makes me question the accuracy of the whole TP system as I know that the A&E FP is very hard to get and wait times are normally through the roof.

Can anyone explain why this might be happening?

When you optimise, the software will give you the shortest wait times over the whole day. If you want to see what it looks like using the FP, evaluate instead of optimising and see what that does to your overall wait times.

SO I did evaluate and it still says 40 minute wait time for A&E midday. I don’t know. It all just seems a bit odd to me.

The same thing happened to me with Tower of Terror or Toy Story, I forget which. Same thing. It seemed like it would rather “fill” the day then leave a hole in the schedule. Basically, I just moved that attraction where it should be with the fast pass and far less wait, and then hit optimize, moved stuff around some more and optimized again. It was patently ridiculous. I used it mostly to help me judge wait times, I hope, correctly.

I was always looking for the “undo” button when I optimized and it went wonky… Like putting in a HUGE wait and not using a fast pass when I got that fast pass using an earlier version that recommended that fast pass. I also think the evaluate and optimize buttons should be moved. I would often hit optimize and then say “whoops” and then drag everything back the way it was. If the buttons were delineated more and moved (maybe horizontal rather than vertical?) it might be less easy to make that mistake.

With our touring style, “evaluate” also works better for us than “optimize”. I like the balance of waiting, free, and walking time to be each 0-5 min, at any given time and never over 10 min. That’s on a crowd level day of 5. To get it just perfect w breaks and shows and then to push optimize was surprising the first time. I’d also like the optimize button to be moved over to elimate mistaken clicks.

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Okay, I will evaluate instead of optimize, but correct me if I’m wrong. I thought the point of this software was so that I could put in all of the attractions that I wanted to see and then it would tell me which ones to do in what order for the shortest wait times. Doesn’t evaluate defeat the purpose of that??

When you OPTIMIZE and it doesn’t use your 6:30 FPP, look at the bottom to see your total wait time, total walking time, total free time.
Then move A&E to 6:30 pm and EVALUATE, and see how your total wait, walking and free time compare - the sum of those numbers will be slightly higher.
This is exactly what TP is meant to do.
In this situation, I would probably adjust breaks/meals/attractions/etc to avoid large holes of free-time, but still keep the FPP at 6:30.