Some Advice about February?

We will be in the world Feb 1,2,3. I had originally planned MK first day, then HS, then MK on the last day. I know MK is not recommended for the Monday but will it make a big difference with such low crowds in the first place? I’m thinking I could switch and do HS Monday, then MK Tuesday and Thursday but I really cannot imagine starting my vaca without the welcome show at MK! What would you do?

I would go to MK with a good plan!

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That’s what I’m planning! We have 8am BOG adr, and FP+ for SDMT, A&E, and PP so I really don’t want to change all that! Just seeing RED on all the Disney crowd calendars for MK for that day freaks me out lol

That red is for all those people that do not know how to plan. You will have a great time!

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