Some 24 Hour Day Questions

I have a few questions about how things operate in and around the Magic Kingdom during the 24 hour event. Since I have no experience with such a day and many of you do, I was hoping you’d share what you observed.

Here are some of the things I’m wondering about:

  • How does Magic Kingdom parking work? Do the parking attendants work all night, or does it become free range parking at some point (and if so, do you know when)?
  • What transportation is available to the TTC at the end of the day? Monorail and/or ferry or just buses
  • Do buses run directly to other parks after the park closes (if, for example, someone had the silly idea to “hop” to the Studios for a few hours on Saturday morning)
  • What restaurants are open in the late night (midnight-6am) hours? I’ve heard many of the quick service places shut down, but don’t really have a handle on what stays open/when
  • Do all attractions run all night? I thought I heard there were some rolling closures for a few hours.
  • Do the character meets run all night?
  • Are there any extra characters meets during the evening?
  • Anything else I should know?


Wow that’s a lot of questions lol. They haven’t officially released anything for this year but based on last years information i’ll give it a go…

  • No Idea (How’s that for a start), but I would guess they are working the entire time. The parking lot stays open so I can’t imagine they’d let it devolve into a free for all.
  • Last year all three were listed as open. Monorail has some temporary closures but was ran pretty steady all night.
  • I would guess no since MK will close at 6 and the other parks wouldn’t normally have buses running that early, however, if you waited around you might eventually be able to catch one. You might be able to walk over to CR, however, and catch the early bird HS bus for Pre-RD reservations.
  • Normally during evening EMH the CS places do shut down, but last years 24 hour several stayed open, and most had some sort of unique offering specific to the event. We won’t know which ones until the full details are released but there will be food available the whole time.
  • Most of the attractions do run all night but there is a required daily maintenance so they do periodically shut one or two down for an hour or two, last year they have a schedule of when these would occur.
  • The character meets did run all night last year. Poor A&E almost had a nervous breakdown from the overwork.
  • There were extra M&G’s last year with the villains theme, regular characters also appeared in pajama’s. Not sure what this year’s frozen theme will hold… maybe an Olaf M&G?
  • Yes, but i’m probably not the one to tell you lol. Once the schedule is released you’ll have most of your answers which will probably lead to more questions.

I looked but couldn’t find last years schedule. Google has been overrun with this years event when you search for 24 hour day. Maybe someone else has a link.

ETA: found last years transportation schedule…’s-24-hour-‘rock-your-disney-side’-event.htm

And again: Here’s the rest of the schedule info about food and rides.


[quote=“Outer1, post:2, topic:11483”]
You might be able to walk over to CR[/quote]
I’m considering that, but am weighing the option to drive to MK to make getting to the Studios easier in the early morning. That would also facilitate breakfast in between the two park visits, though I could probably accomplish the same thing at Contempo Cafe.

[quote=“Outer1, post:2, topic:11483”]
Poor A&E almost had a nervous breakdown from the overwork[/quote]
Lol. I might have to see that.

Thanks for your thoughts.


HS the next morning?!? That is insane. =) I would love to try to pull that off but I’ll need some rest before my flight that night.

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Anyone know if they offer FPP all through the night? Or at least if they did last year?

That’s my plan. LOL.

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Straight from MK? I guess you will be living on energy drinks by then. Lol.

kinda. Gonna take the bus back to the resort since HS won’t be open yet. Freshen up and then go to HS for breakfast. Hit up a few attractions and then head back for a nap.

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I’d burn a FPP for that too LOL


I was there last year, but unfortunately can’t help with most of your questions :frowning:

I was staying at POP, and took a direct bus back at around 2:30 AM, so I can’t help with the Transportation questions. As the other parks don’t open for several hours after MK closes at 6, I doubt that any park-to-park busses will be running; if you don’t want to leave the property to go back to your hotel, you’ll probably have to go to one of the resorts and hang out there (and get breakfast). If DHS is your plan, I’d choose one of the Boardwalk area resorts and walk or take the boat for RD.

I had an 11:45 PM FPP for Splash, but didn’t try any after that, so I’m not sure how late they went. I don’t THINK they went all night.

I believe that there WERE some rolling closures, but I did not run into any personally.

I don’t do M&Gs, so I can’t help there.

I had a big dinner at Tony’s at around 8:00 PM, and wasn’t really paying attention to food options. I’m guessing that the “bigger” ones will be open most of the time; they may do rolling closures so they are not all open all night.

Crowds were very manageable before 11:00 AM and after 11:00 PM; I was not in the park between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM, so I can’t comment on that time slot, but I understand that it got pretty busy. Between 6:00 and 11:00 PM I did my FPPs, ate, watched MSEP and Wishes. By the time I got back to riding, things were manageable. I watched the second MSEP in FrL, got there about 15 minutes before the parade, and got a great spot.

RD at 6:00 looked daunting, but the crowds spread out as soon as I got through the turnstiles. I did not notice a single “big wave” of people entering after that (like you get at an EMH day); the influx gradually increased throughout the AM.

You are now my official hero

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If I can cut through the haze of my memory at some point, I’ll try to help. I was even sober all 24 hours last year, but I still can’t remember much. LOL.

[quote=“DarthDopey, post:8, topic:11483”]
Gonna take the bus back to the resort since HS won’t be open yet. Freshen up and then go to HS for breakfast. Hit up a few attractions and then head back for a nap[/quote]

I’m sorta counting on inertia. I’m afraid if I stop moving, then I won’t start again for awhile. I also know my friend will fall asleep as soon as he sees a bed (see below for 1 day into last December’s trip + I have a series of these photos from other vacations)

Since my original purpose of the Memorial Day trip was to see Star Wars Weekends, rope drop is important for that, I don’t think I’ll walk out of the Magic Kingdom exactly at 6:00 AM (that’ll be prime photography time + official pictures with the clock for proof that I was still there at park closing), and by the time I leave it’ll be about time to get in line for the Studios turnstiles, I am contemplating the best way to make that happen.

There’s a decent argument to be made for stopping back at the room to wash my face and put on a clean shirt, but I’m pretty sure that will end up like the photo above.

I can help with some of these original questions:

parking at TTC is open the entire time, We always drive and park before RD and head back the following morning. I’ve heard early morning buses to get you there for RD are not the most reliable. FP I believe ended at 0100/0200 last 2 years, I remember rushing to make our window. Lines and crowds come and go in waves all day and night. It’s gotten more crowded at Rd but most folks hit the main attractions and early lines are pretty short. The afternoon hours can be brutal. Last year we were doing a lot of character M&Gs in the heat and it was long and agonizing. Like the other has said some attractions close early (liberty belle, hall of presidents) others close for 2-3hours ans re-open (mad tea party, dumbo) Those are the ones I remember. In past there’s been a few special events, 2-3 dance parties, movies playing, special M&Gs. It’s really quite a treat. Also very exhausting. We completed an Ultimate Tour in 2013, but last year our attempt fizzled out early due to pure exhaustion.

that is quite true. I do remember lingering a bit for lots of pics as we walked out last year.

I may have to rethink my strategy

I was wondering about the transportation too. Thanks for asking the questions, @FlyerFan1973, and thanks for posting last year’s info, @Outer1. It’s so nice to hear everyone’s memories of this event. I’m a little too excited about attending this year!


Yes, last year they had FPP until about 4or 5am when most of the rides close.

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Yay. I guess I’ll be spending some quality time at the kiosks!

I will stay the whole time and then drive back to pop and sleep in my car til my family comes out as we have breakfast at akershus at 8:15. I KEEP TELLING MYSELF I CAN DO THIS.

This year I read that fpp would go until 3am.