Solo WDW Trip Report: Dining, Six Resorts, and Enchanting Extras, Oh My!

Wow, what a trip! So many extras, resorts, and food!

Can you share a little more about this extra? I had read about it and was considering it for our upcoming trip this summer. Was it worth the cost? Did you get to leave with your finished product, or did you have to go back and pick it up? Are Mickey/Minnie the only two designs they have to choose from? Anything else you can share is appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:

You meet by the fireplace by 9am. It’s available every morning. Your guide will show up and ask who is there for the tour and you head out. It really is a great experience.


Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome. I really enjoyed the tour.

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Hi @gendaisy, happy to share more! So, they have tons of differently colored and shaped mosaic stones. You can choose from Mickey or Minnie, and then there’s some kind of other themed option which apparently changes seasonally (the one in early Jan was an ornament). First you map out where you want your colors to go— this part can take awhile! Then you glue them to a cardstock-like backing. Once that dries a bit, you’re given the liquid grout and some gloves; you “paint” that stuff on top of and around the stones.

You take the (still wet) mosaic with you in a to-go container, along with some wet wipes and instructions for wiping off the grout either that night or the next morning. Easy peasy!

Mine came out really nicely, and I currently have it hanging in my kitchen. I was happy with the final product, and with the experience!