Solo Trip

What are your favorite things to do on a solo trip? What’s your solo touring style - slow meandering or speedy commando?

(I thought I’d choose a random topic and try to start a fun discussion thread on this new format. Is that ok? Or are we supposed to stick to informational Q&A? Will anyone jump into the discussion?)

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No - please pick a random topic. It will take a while to migrate allllllll the Liners and all our opinions over. I would simply love to solo tour but DS10 would be crushed. And I think at this point I would be too. But I would be 100% ok going alone. I would just meander and do more observing. I might not even do rides, but I would do ALL the shows!

Interesting! I have plans for my solo MK days in November but I guess I won’t know for sure how I’ll spend my time until I’m there. I suspect I’ll do some shopping and wandering and watching, but I’m more likely to go, go, go. We will see!

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I go solo all the time. I happen to like it.

I go go go when I am solo. But Okie and I totally meandered on our girls’ trip.

My first time I meandered- my subsequent two solo trips weren’t really solo- I left the family at home and met up with friends. So semi go go and semi meandering I suppose :slight_smile:

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I dream of a solo trip! Maybe one year for one of the 24-hour days where I could be semi-solo the way @HappyKaren described.

You could totally do it :slight_smile: when I semi-solo I roomshare…

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I might hold you to that one day @HappyKaren!

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@ThreeBuddies I sure wish you would!

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I would love, love a solo trip. Would probably need a roommate to make it happen though. Taking applications for April 2015. :wink:

I did a solo…for 1 day and then a liner @NCDisneyPrincess came down and roomed with me…which made me very happy. I felt odd getting on/off rides when I was alone…plus nobody to share the “wasn’t that great” feeling when the ride is over. Completely solo is great for meandering and people watching.

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Thanks for joining the conversation, friends. It’s nice to know that anyone can start a thread. It makes me nervous to think about solo traveling and maybe not having Liners available to help me when I’m alone! I hope the original chat will still have some regulars around to help when I’m at WDW by myself. It will be interesting to see how things change in the next 3+ months.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a truly solo trip. I keep trying but people keep following me :wink: When I do go solo I pretty much go from earliest park open until latest park close. I do, however, tend to meander in the parks. I do a lot of photography and am content to plunk myself down somewhere and wait for the “perfect” photo opportunity. It’s really nice to just sit and soak in the park atmosphere. I love watching people’s reactions to the parks - both kids and grown ups. You will enjoy it and I’m sure you will find a liner or two to pass some time with.


Your description of a solo day sounds wonderful @Sorcerers_Apprentice. I’m looking forward to eating lots of snacks without breaking the bank. It seems like buying one Dole Whip, one popcorn and one ice cream sandwich at different times during the day will feel much less over-the-top than buying 4 of each!


My last two trips have been 100% solo. I will say that I totally Skyped with family on my last trip because this was the first trip with an Iphone. I just plugged in my headphones that came with the phone. I was able to share my trip with in particular my mom who was not able to come on the trip. When I called my mom (who wanted to help pick out my Mickey ears) I apologized to the CM in the store for walking around with with my mom on the phone. They were so cute and said it was no problem and even talked to my mom over skype lol. They said that happens all the time.

  • Dinning solo I always find very awkward so I do a lot of QS places and snacking.
  • When I do TS I try to find meals that I know will be a little quicker.
  • I normally go ALL day in the parks. I do what I want, when I want.
  • I agree that it some times sucks not having someone to share your experiences with but I normally post pictures to my friends and family via instagram or FB.
  • The other thing about traveling solo is that you can move through crowds quickly. I have also moved through lines faster and received more attentive service. I guess people sometimes feel bad for me being by myself… I say dont feel bad for me I am having a great time and not at work.

I like to go to the MK every evening and get a dole whip and ride POTC. I have also hit up the shops at the GF.


This is great @nightowl04! Thanks so much for taking the time to write out this advice. I really appreciate it.

No problem. Solo travel is not for everyone. I would love it if my friends and fam could make it but when I have time off doesn’t always match up when others have off. Plus not everyone gets my Disney obsession lol. I always tell people no one has to know you are alone. For all anyone knows your friends or fam are just somewhere else for that moment. I like Disney bc it is family friendly and I feel safe as a female traveling. There are tons of things to do and see at my pace. Any time away from work is a good time lol.

I do feel I have to plan more because it is just me. For example, who will hold your stuff when you are on a ride? Solution- you better have a bag that will fit in the ride. Which is pretty easy to do as Disney :smile:

I suspect I’m going to love solo touring. I really prefer doing things by myself. I like your suggestion that nobody needs to know you’re alone. I should try to remember that, just for safety’s sake.