Solo Trip - Which Park First Day?

My flight is early in the morning & should (fingers crossed) be at the resort by around 11:30am. Was planning on checking into the resort (know the room will probably not be ready), and head over to the Disney Outlet (never been) before going to Disney Springs for a lunch reservation @ 2pm. After that, was thinking of wandering around there for awhile, then head back to the resort @ 3pm to unpack. As I have a brand new Annual Pass, was thinking of doing a park for a few hours (definitely not late as I’ll be pretty tired). Arrival is on a MNSSHP day. Which park would be a good choice?

  • Animal Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
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Where is your resort?

Port Orleans :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart:


I vote EP, but if you are going to purchase G+, then I would go to HS and stack LLs for late afternoon and early evening.

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Do you have an equal amount of time at the parks on other days?

Will Animal Kingdom be open late when you’re there?

I voted Epcot because it’s got some fun things and doesn’t close freaking early like AK. I would never vote HS. Although on a weekend during F&W, HS may be a better choice.


I voted AK because you can get a lot done as a solo traveler in the late afternoon at AK. It closes the earliest, so by that time people are starting to leave. You probably won’t even need to buy Genie+. Maybe an ILL if you want to ride FOP. The last time I showed up late afternoon I was the only person in my row for the Safari. Everest was a 20 minute wait. You would miss out on most of the shows, but the trails are less peopley. It’s F&W at Epcot as you know. Therefore, very peopley.


Good point. Hadn’t thought of that.