Solo Trip - sell me on it!


I need someone to talk me into a solo trip! I registered for the Pandora AP preview, but all of my typical travel companions are out - my husband has a new company buying out his, so it's not the right time for him to go, I've already pulled DS out of school too much for Disney (and he's missing the last 3 days of school!) and my niece has high school finals which can't be moved (but she did try!). My best friend has a work trip the week before and can't leave her kids that much. I desperately want to go - it's on my birthday! But I'm not sure how I'll do with a solo trip. It would be a short 2 night, 3 day. Flights are covered with airline miles, so I'm just paying for a room. Solo trippers, tell me what you love about it!


I love everything about going solo. I get to wake up whenever I want (usually early for RD). I get to eat wherever I want. There is no one who knows me to judge me for having a churro for breakfast and a Dole Whip for breakfast dessert. If I want to ride the Haunted Mansion three times in a row, there is no one to whine about it. Honestly, solo is my preferred way to travel anywhere at this point. You get to be completely focused on what you want. It's really nice.

If you are worried about dining alone (I know many people don't like that), keep in mind that almost all of the lounges serve food. You can order off of the menu for Jiko at the bar in the restaurant (not Victoria Falls, this bar is actually in Jiko itself, left of the entrance. Citricos is similar. The Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge is great. Tiffins also allows you to eat at the bar. 50s Prime Time Cafe is another good one in that regard.

Hope this helps and encourages you!


You can make new friends in lines.
You can go anywhere and ride anything that your little heart desires. Want to ride Small World 6x in a row? Who cares?!?
You don't have to worry about anyone's appetite but your own.
You can eat a dozen Mickey bars and no one will judge you.
Single Rider Line.


I think the fact that you could be in Disney on your birthday: being where you love & doing what you love is the big reason. But other than that, I will say "ditto" to the two above posts. (HM three times in a row? YES PLEASE!!)




There’s tons of advantages of going solo! If you’re considering it, definitely go! Nobody to rain on your parade, no compromising, no sacrifices.

Here’s two threads that did a look at doing the solo trip (I’m sure there’s more)


Sell you on it? Really!? I can do it in three words!

  • It's Disney World

You can have blast there solo, in pairs, in families, in groups. All have their own advantages and disadvantages, but all are great!


GO! You know you want to.


Thanks everyone. After the day I've had at work, I need it more than ever. I think I'm going to go for it! I appreciate all the this group!


I can't comment with experience, but I would do a solo trip in a heartbeat, no second guessing. Along with all the other great reasons others have already mentioned, if I were going by myself I'd keep an eye out for ways to share the magic with other guests by being the extra hand a parent may need or helping in some way whenever I could. I know it would be appreciated by them, and it would make me feel the magic myself and like I was helping be a part of creating it for others.


My 50th birthday present to myself is a solo trip in September. Birthday in April but September scheduling works better. It will be my 4th trip but my first staying on site. I echo what everyone else says. I get up when I want, ride and see what I want and eat what I want.


A solo trip - You get to decide what parks to go to, what rides and attractions, where, when and what you want to eat or snack on, when to go to the parks, when to take breaks and when to go back to the resorts. You only have to deal with yourself and not what other people want to do or see. Something else, if you are the type that loves to (move with a purpose) and your family isn't, than you can do that, but if you want to do it more laid back and take your time, well you can do that too. Yes, you would be alone but there you will also, if you want, be able to meet other people. So to sell you on it: You get to do Disney on your pace, your terms and you get to enjoy it.


It would be my dream to do a solo trip! Get to pick where I wanted to go and when I wanted to do it. Stay at the parks all day or go to all four in one day. The possibilities are endless. You can do it!!