Solo trip question

Okay, so I have a tentative solo trip 7/4-7/8. I have a few things hanging in the air before I can definitely finalize. I will also be taking a trip with the family in October. I will likely upgrade to an AP if I make this trip.

I have a hotel ressie booked, but no tickets linked. I am thinking I should go ahead and buy my ticket for October and link it now before the 30 day FPP folks can reserve, right? If I don’t end up going on the trip, I will still have my ticket for this fall. If I do go on the solo trip, I can bridge my ticket while I am there.

Does that make sense? I probably won’t have the final word for another week or two on if my PTO was approved, but I would like to improve my FPP chances if possible since I will be on property.

The idea is a good one. I would say go for it. And like you said if you can make your solo trip then upgrade to the AP.

Good liner thinking.

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Thanks. I just needed someone to confirm my though process before I drop $480 on a ticket!

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But you are not dropping the money on a ticket. You already have an October trip p!anned. So no waste there. As long as ticket is not tapped the expiration is not ticking.

I do not see why you are concerned.

Just to be clear and no misunderstanding. If you go in July you will need to upgrade to the AP before you leave/use the last day on the ticket. You cannot buy the October ticket use it in July then after the trip is over upgrade to an AP.

I am fairly certain you understand that but I figure better to be clear.


You are right of course :wink: I have to buy the rest of our group’s tickets fairly soon anyway! I could even purchase an AP once the trip is confirmed and reassign this ticket to my husband. Thanks for the reassurance!

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You are buying a discounted ticket, right? If not, I would just buy the AP now.

Yes I am buying a discounted ticket. I just won’t have confirmation the trip can happen until after 30 day FPP are made. I don’t want to buy an AP if I can’t go because I won’t have another trip within a year.

If I get the AP, I have a feeling there will be a few more solo trip before it expires though :joy:


I would agree with you but @BoilerMomPharmD is not 100% sure this July trip is going to happen.

So she is buying her October ticket now so she can link it and get her fast passes. And if the trip does happen then upgrade