Solo Trip Planning - WWYD?

So I am attending a conference in Clearwater in late September and decided to tack on a solo trip to WDW afterwards. I am arriving on October 1st (planning was too late to grab a reservation for MK, but got one for EPCOT) and leaving on October 5th. Staying at Art of Animation (Little Mermaid Building) and have Park Hoppers. All four parks are on the agenda and Disney Springs is a maybe (I am more interested in “Disney” experiences than general shopping).

This is my first solo trip in forever. For the first time in almost 20 years, I don’t have to choose restaurants based on if they serve pizza, pasta, or quesadillas. No family. No kids with limited dietary choices. No age limits. No significant other complaining that they would rather sleep in or aren’t interested in an in depth look at Walt’s railroads, Keys to the Kingdom, etc.

I’ve been to WDW a couple dozen times by now, always with other people. We have done a lot of things and dined in a lot of different restaurants. This will be my first completely solo trip (assuming the virus behaves itself between now and then). The time frame is locked in for early October so I will overlap w/ Food & Wine which is definitely part of the plan.

So, if you had a completely blank slate where you could do whatever you wanted, go to any restaurant, eat any snack, take any tour (hoping they are back up and running in October) …what would it be?


What would you do?
Where would you go?
What would you splurge on?
What restaurants would you dine at? TS? CS? “Must Have” Snacks?

Please share the “why” if you are so inclined.

Note #1: I will have a generous amount of Disney Gift cards for spending money/food. While it isn’t bottomless, I can definitely splurge on most of the things …but not all of them, so will need to prioritize. :slight_smile:

Note #2: I desperately want to do tours if available, but can’t do them all. While I did Walk in Walt’s Footsteps in Disneyland (amazing!!!), I have yet to do any at WDW. What are the best ones assuming they are available again in October.

Note #3: I have no qualms about dining alone, but am not a fan of alcoholic beverages (not philosophical, just don’t like the taste) and I can’t do any kind of spicy food (like not even too much black pepper). Leaning more towards amazing food over expensive/trendy places.


I tend to do all the things that I know my family won’t do. So for instance on my last trip I ate at chefs de France because that’s never gonna happen with those vanilla appetite people. I do attractions that they’re not interested in like the Liberty Bell and I visit with friends who happen to be here at the same time and spend time enjoying the lounges and the atmosphere and the tree of life and all the stuff that they find boring.

For a more recent example of what I would do on a solo trip, check out my solo trip thread happening live now!


I have been reading your trip thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

I giggled a bit when you mentioned going out if your way to eat at Chefs de France because that is one of my family’s favorite restaurants. :rofl: Note that the picky eater ate an expensive plate of plain pasta with butter!


I envy you your solo trip. I got a few solo daytimes while DH was at a conference at CSR a few years ago. I did the Keys to the Kingdom tour one of those days - it takes you into the utilidors! It was 5 hours long, included lunch, full of trivia/history, took you backstage to the parade float storage area. We did HM and JC in special ways.

I enjoyed going at my own pace - walk fast? stop and check out a detail? pop into a store? get photos with Photopass photographers? ride all the wild rides DH can’t? suddenly change your mind and direction while walking (sorry to anyone I cut off)? You are in charge of yourself! No one else to influence/limit your choices. Have fun!


I’m doing a solo trip in August. And I’ve been planning! It’s been years since I’ve been to WDW. I’m so excited to go back.

Some things on my to do list:

  1. The rides that weren’t there the last time I went (7DMT, SDD, MMRR, Galaxy’s Edge, etc)

  2. Exploring the different resorts! I’ve never really gone to the different resorts. I’m especially looking forward to going over to Wilderness Lodge and maybe grabbing breakfast at Whispering Canyon or lunch at Geyser Point. I also want to check out the Polynesian.

  3. Eating (and drinking) at places I’ve never been to - Spice Road Table, Nomad Lounge, Sanaa, etc. I’m especially looking forward to Sanaa since it has the windows on the savannah so you can watch animals while you dine!

  4. Window shopping and actual shopping! I always love going through all the shops in World Showcase though I’m not sure what all is open at this point.


Wild Africa Trek

That is all.


These are particularly good ones! I’ve never (and would never bother) toured resorts with my kids, would love to visit some that I haven’t stayed at.

Same for many restaurants, it’s pretty much been all quick service with the kids so I would probably splurge on dinners.

Additionally, I would go to all parks at night time. And spend one late evening at Boardwalk.

Most importantly, I would sit down when I wanted to and run around fast when I feel like it, not when I’m forced to :rofl:


A little off topic but, I’m going alone (unless I find a friend who is free and wants to go) from 9/25- 9/30. If you find yourself up for a meal in that timeframe let me know.

I am not arriving until Friday, 10/1. :frowning_face:

My conference is in Clearwater the week leading up to it. I arrive Friday or Saturday there and it runs through Wednesday. I blocked Thursday off to relax on the beach before heading up to WDW early on the first.

Missing you by hours!