Solo trip planning stress

I am feeling a little scattered about my upcoming trip. Going alone feels so… free? Open? Here’s what I have so far. I booked fastpasses just in case this trip happened, but most of them don’t fit this plan now really. I’m going to work on switching them over. I’ll lose SDD but oh well. I purposely left my mornings wide open to do whatever I want! I’m going to sleep in some because NO KIDS IN MY FACE AT 6AM lol. I’ll probably spend some morning time at HS & MK.

If anyone has solo touring tips, I would love to hear them! Right now I don’t have anything for ADRs except for Cali Grill. I don’t know where I’ll be & when, so I want the flexibility to eat when I’m hungry. Bluezoo does look amazing, so I may go over there and eat at the bar one day. If you have other suggestions on easy places to get good food without ADRs I would love to hear them.

The majority of my trips are solo. DW is not really a fan and once every 10 years or so is enough for her. I LOVE solo touring because I have no one to worry about than myself.I kind of do the opposite of what you are planning. I always do RD and plan my mornings out closely. I get my FPPs for early afternoon, and kind of play the later portions of the day by ear; sometimes I’ll impulsively hop to a different park. My solo trips are certainly less “stressful”, but not necessarily more “relaxing”. Between FPPs and RD I can typically get all of my “must do” attractions done, and anything beyond that is icing on the cake. I do typically plan out all of my meals, but to me the dining is as much a part of a WDW trip as the rides. I love signature dining, and it’s certainly cheaper for one than it is for two.

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I am going on my first solo trip in September. I am doing things differently then you. I am 100% a RD person. I like to be able to get on some of the big rides with short waits. Also I know that it is just going to get hotter as the day goes on, so I like to be able to take a break in the afternoon when the temps are ‘surface of the sun’ hot.
I am playing the food a bit by ear. When I go with my bf we have a TS meal pretty much every day - usually at lunch, and I am not planning on that.
I think I am going to be doing QS in the park or the food court at the hotel a lot of the time. :slight_smile:

Well you convinced me! I wasn’t really considering the heat in these plans which is stupid. So rope drop + a 4-5 hour break during the heat of the day it is!

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I too travel solo on the majority of my trips. I love these trips because I can sleep when I get home. I do Rope Drop to Fireworks. No one else I know can keep up with me on my trips. When I schedule trips with any of my family, I always do RD, nap, then evening to beat the eat. I don’t nap, so I just lay out by the pool.

I love planning my dining, but since you don’t want to plan make sure you do not eat lunch between 11:30 - 1:00, or dinner between 5 -7. My favorites with no ADR: MK - Pecos Bill, and Pinocchio Village Haus (flatbread kid’s meal); EPWS - Kringla Bakeri, in Norway, Les Halles in France, Yorkshire Fish Shop in UK; EPFW - Sunshine Seasons in the Land. AK you will love Nomad Lounge!; HS, my personal favorite that I never miss is 50’s Prime Time. If you can’t find the time to sit down, there is the Tune-In lounge which serves their food, but it is REALLY crowded in there. At Poly, I have always been able to get into the Kona Café without ADR. If you do go to Bluezoo, remember to take your credit card, they don’t do Disney payments. Also, between EP and HW is the BoardWalk Bakery. Love this place!!!

I see Disney After Hours in your plan. Make sure you grab water or any drink whenever you see a cart. There are only a few stations open. I think maybe one in each land. There is no limit, so a backpack really comes in handy. I take a ziplock and get extra popcorn for snacking later since you’ll get back to your room late. This way you can eat (at least) one each of the ice creams available.

I’m sure you know by now, if you have a FP for FOP, DO NOT GIVE IT UP. If you don’t have FP, rope drop is for you without a doubt.

Just like everyone here, these are just my favorites.

The one thing I regret having never done and plan on doing whenever I get to return, is getting my picture done at Momento Mori. I always forget until the end of the day and they’ve already stopped taking pictures.

I also keep a small, light umbrella with me for both quick showers and shade (especially at Epcot).

I know you will have a wonderful time. Make sure you look up, down, and all around where ever you are, and you’ll see something that you never realized was there before.

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I’m doing DAH. Am I right in thinking that if you see a food cart at DAH everything in it is free?

You’ll have to prise mine out of my cold, dead hands.

And my FPP for SDD I’m taking with me to my grave.

Yes, everything in the cart at DAH is free and all you want. There is water, soft drinks, and popcorn. They ran out of Coke when I went, so now I get one first before switching to water. I might feel a little guilty for eating only half of a Mickey Bar, Mickey Sandwich, and Strawberry bar, but I couldn’t handle that much sugar all at once. I should have started on the ice cream sooner.

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I also see you have FOP Saturday morning. That is early morning 8am open for AK, which means you want to be there at 7 to be first in line at rope drop. Check the map and know where you are going. The best part of being solo at rope drop is being able to get into the nooks and crannies of the crowd standing in a group waiting to get into Pandora. The rope is by the Nomad Lounge if you’ve never been there that early.

Thanks so much for your tips! My husband is joining me Friday night- Sunday, so we’re RDing FOP since I don’t have FP that day. Good food & FOP were his only requests lol.

In that case, hold his hand tight so he doesn’t get lost. :wink:

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I’m so happy to see other women doing solo trips. I’ve been taking short trips at WDW when I fly in and out of MCO to see my elderly mom. She lives in in assisted 90 minutes outside of Orlando. BTW, I’ll be there the 3 days before your trip (7/1-7/13). Have a great time!

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Sorry to have missed you! I’m looking forward to a few kid free days to enjoy Disney!

I am super excited about my first solo trip - Going 9/4.
I get to do everything my way - without having to make sure that my bf is having a good time :slight_smile:

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I need this vacation! I’ve been traveling quite a bit for work lately and I am use to doing everything by myself. Best part is to just do what you want – and eat where you want to eat.