Solo trip is a go! (7/4-7/8)

Ahhhhhh! My PTO was approved for 7/5, so this girl is going to DISNEY SOLO!

I have so much to do! I booked FPP late, so they are all over the place. I’m working out a rough trip schedule. My focus is mostly on doing stuff that I won’t be able to do with my kids (and possibly when pregnant) this fall.

A couple of questions-

  1. Fireworks at MK on 7/4. I booked the After Dessert party. Is it going to be worth it to fight the masses to see the fireworks? Or am I absolutely insane?
  2. Is California Grill brunch worth leaving later on Sunday? I’ve been absolutely drooling over the photos & reviews, but I likely would have to take a late flight home in order to make it work (and then go to work tired the next day!)
  3. Going to Disney After Hours on Saturday. How much additional time should I allow for MK? I would like to see the parade if possible.

Also- what are your favorite solo trip things to do?


I’ve never been on a solo trip (yet!) so not helpful advice but wanted to say Yay! And have fun! Can’t wait to hear about your trip! Sounds like you already have some good plans booked!

So glad tou got your trip. That is great news.

Solo trips mean doing whatever you want whenever you want.

I took a main street vechicle, watched the parade. Multiple rides on tot. Rnrc. Ee.

Don’t be too concerned about your FP. Once you are there it is very easy to modify your times when there is only one of you. Try to get as early times as possible so you can use your first 3 then ad more the rest of the day. My last solo trip my record was 12 fast passes in one day.

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I think all three are worth it if you want to do them. That’s the beauty of a solo trip! I hope you have a great time.

My favorite things to do solo are to sit and soak up the atmosphere whenever I want, and then go-go-go whenever I want. It’s the best feeling!

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When I did a solo trip I did a couple of the behind the scenes tours at both MK and Epcot. While I wasn’t riding rides during that time, I did get to spend park time doing something totally different and something I wouldn’t have normally done. It was a great and different experience

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That’s fantastic!

Regarding your fireworks question, I think that’s absolutely brilliant that you got the party. I imagine MK will be nuts that day so reserved seating will be a good idea. Also…for 1 person, it’s not prohibitively expensive!

Like it’s already been mentioned, your FPPs being all over the place is perfectly fine. As a solo traveler you are faster and far more capable of rearranging what you want to do to accommodate.

If Disney “behind the scenes” is interesting to you, definitely book a tour. Being solo on a tour allows you to focus on the details of the tour instead of any companion that might be with you. I will say the only “downside”(for me) is the lunch (if there is one) where you are lumped in with others who all know each other and it can be awkward, but if you don’t mind meeting new people, it’s actually pretty cool.

My absolute favorite thing to do when solo though? Appreciate the parks’ aesthetics and take photos. A lot of work went into the design of the parks and it really comes apparent when you are able to take a moment and actually see it.

You are going to have a blast. Be flexible and embrace your ability to be so. ENJOY!

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I’m staying as far away from MK as I can on the 4th. AK has a CL4 on the 4th.

Right now my plan is AK during the day, MK just for fireworks.

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I would not pay for a desert party but on the 4 of JULY then YES YES YES. I would think it is going to be packed so a private viewing area makes the best sense.

Finalizing plans! DH decided to join me for the last 2 days. We splurged on the Poly for our last night. Our plan is to sleep in after DAH, brunch @ Cali, then lounge at the Poly pool until ME picks us up.

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Hey @PharmD, I’m a PharmD too! My first solo trip is in August, so I am interested in what you are doing. 2 years ago we watched FW from CG on July 4th and it was awesome. Kids decided to go to MK afterward and it was scary crowded. I think you did the right thing! Great minds think alike bc I’m doing CG brunch as well. I “practiced” being solo during our trip last week and I think that people watching, slowing down and taking in all of the aesthetics is exactly the prescription for success… Good luck and keep us posted!

Hey! I am really looking forward to relaxing a bit, enjoying being stroller and kid free, and getting to enjoy a few favorite rides without the hassle of rider swap. Also seeing the nighttime entertainment since I am usually back at the resort by then putting little ones to bed. I’ll post a trip report when I am done!