Solo trip help

Hi friends! I’m about to book a solo trip (one of my best girlfriends may come if she can swing the last minute PTO) that I’ve been too chicken to take for a long time- ya know, trying new things!

Mid July, 17-20, it will be HOT and I’ll more than likely play by the done by 1pm rule. I’m looking at POP and ASSports… haven’t stayed at either but have a POP stay in Dec. as well. What are your opinions? Skyliner goes down more in the summer due to weather, so its less of a perk during this trip. That leaves it feeling like comparing six and one half dozen, so I’m hoping one of you will have the deal breaker!

Thanks :slight_smile:

ASSports did not get a full refub, just barely a soft-goods refurb and maintains the double bed scene if that matters.

I always personally prefer the Pop resort over the All Stars. Now that I’ve stayed at all of them I don’t see myself going back to them by choice.

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Great feedback, I’d much prefer a renovated room. Thanks for the help, that was fast!

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Have a similar situation for an upcoming trip next week- SSR 7 day stay & 5 at Sports.This was a semi last minute oops I booked another trip when moonlight magic dates were announced.

Both of my kids are working but will drop in on their respective days off, but I am on my own more days than not. So I went as inexpensive as possible.

I choose SPORTS, price was the deciding factor as this trip - it’s always price loI when I actually have to pay out of pocket -booked this strictly for onsite advantage for moonlight magic the dates were just past our SSR trip. Personally, All :star2:’s . serve my purpose I needed a clean room on property…

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