Solo Trip Help/Advice

Good Day Liners! I’ve got my first ever solo trip coming up, Nov. 17-20. Staying at All Star Movies (it was the best price), first time staying at a Value. My plan about this trip was to be leisurely and do some of the less thrilling things that my kids normally aren’t so interested in like Hall of Presidents, People Mover, etc. I enjoy just strolling thought the parks taking it all in. Below is my rough idea of plans. What do you think? I welcome your seasoned advice and tips.

Day One:
I’m scheduled to arrive at MCO at 14:04. My plan is to MDE to my resort, check in and then head to Epcot. Have FP+ for SE 15:50 and FEA at 17:05. I want to tap in to hopefully be able to get the Coasters (AP). Hit up a couple of the F&W booths then wanted to walk over to HS to catch Jingle Bell Jingle Bam, as I’ve never seen it. Catch a bus to head back to Movies.
Questions: 1)Should I exit at IE and immediately tap back in to get 2 taps towards the 4 for the coasters? 2) Should I walk or take the Skyliner to HS?

Day Two:
8:05 reservation at Whispering Canyon, I’ve gotta get those bourbon flapjacks as I haven’t stopped thinking about them since August. Then take the ferry over to MK. FP+ 10:20 HM, 11:20 BTMRR Lunch at Libery Tree Tavern, never eaten here. Next FP+ 17:30 PP.
Questions: 1) How’s Liberty Tree? 2)Should I ditch PP and head back over to Epcot for tap in #3 and check out more F&W? 3)Should I exit and reenter to get tap #4?

Day Three:
FP+15:20 POOH and 16:35 Peter Pan. Plan on MVMCP that night. Questions: 1)Should I hit Epcot or tap in #4 and collect magnets? 2) Late Lunch/Early Dinner suggestions?

Day Four (departure day):
Sleep in. Drop bags at bell services. Bus to AK. FP+ 10:30 KS. Spend a few hours checking out Gorilla Trails, Winged Encounters, and lunch at Yak and Yeti. 15:30 MDE pick up.


Day 1: that first FPP is unlikely. Figure 2hrs from wheels down to arrival puts you at 1604 leaving only 45 minutes to get to EP and ride. Not sure about the tap in. Personally I would save steps and Skyliner.

Yeah, I figured that first one was unlikely, but thought I’d try, just in case all the stars align.

Day three: If you are already at MK and planning to stay for the MVMCP, I would just stay there. If you want a different late lunch/early dinner, then head over to one of the MK resorts. For example, Kona Cafe at Poly or the Grand Floridian Cafe. Another fun idea would be to take a boat over to Wilderness Lodge and eat there.

(Also, I’m not sure about the 4 taps things for coasters - what is it you are trying to do?)

PS - I did my first solo trip this year too - It is a great opportunity to go at your own pace and take your time on things you wouldn’t necessarily do otherwise. For example, I finally got to see the flag retreat and watch an entire performance of the Dapper Dan’s. :slight_smile: Have a great trip!


For day 3, I’d go over to one of the MK resorts for dinner. Geyser Point is lovely if the weather is nice. I’ve been hearing really good things about the Wave at CR as well.

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Ooh flag retreat. Keep meaning to hit this one. Adding not to my solo trip plans.

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If I’m already at MK and don’t leave for dinner, how/when I get my bracelet for the party?

There are usually a couple places around the park you can get your party bracelet. They are at the front of the park, of course, but there are usually cast members near liberty square checking tickets and passing them out.

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I assume you are talking about the set of drink coasters for AP holders during F&W? If so, they require tapping in at an entry on four separate days. The computer system keeps track of them. You cannot try to get credit for more than one tap-in per day.

Thank you! This was good information to know. I just adjusted my FPs to accommodate for my family trip.

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Yeah, I found this out on my trip a month ago. :frowning: They closed that loophole.