Solo Touring DLR

Hi! Looks like I might get to visit DLR after a work trip in early June. I know lots about WDW, nothing about the homeland! Please help me!!
Do I need to make ADRs?
Do they have fpp?
Is there a good marriott or Hilton property w/in walking distance?
How many days do I need if I rope drop each day?
Any nighttime shows or anytime tours you’d recommend for a solo Disney fan?

TIA!!! Liners on any coast are the best!


Thanks! What a wonderful reply! Since I’ll be attending a conference as well, it looks like I’ll only have 2 full days for touring. I hope that’s enough. Not enough time to do a tour, I’m thinking.

I can’t believe my first trip will be during the 60th anniversary!!! That means I have more to plan!! I don’t think I’ll be back within a year.

So, no FPP to reserve: yay! I miss the paper fp! I will make a solid touring plan, use Lines app, and hope for the best. :smile:

I’ve heard the Rose something-or-other is a great TS restaurant: are there any others I shouldn’t miss? I’ve also heard DLR’s CS are quite good; any recommendations?

Is WOC the must-see nighttime show? I read that there’s a dining package for special viewing area?

I want to try the rides that are supposed to be “better at DLR”, and the ones WDW doesn’t even have. (Recommendations??) Because it is the park Walt built, I don’t want to miss any of the details and history that make the park unique. I’ll pick up the UG, but I’m wondering if there is also a good resource for DLR history too. A guidebook for Disney fans, as it were. :smile:


TS Napa Rose at Grand Californian, Carthay Circle in DCA. CS DL Plaza Inn fried chicken, River Belle Terrace breakfast, Hungry Bear, DCA Paradise Garden Grill. Better at DL PoTC, IASW, Space; not at WDW Fantasyland dark rides, Carsland, Mr Lincoln, Indy Jones, Roger Rabbit, Matterhorn. Book The Disneyland Story by Sam Gennaway, nice guy. Yesterland another site


OMG! Where have I been I totally missed this! You will have an awesome time!! If you haven’t seen WOC I think you should. For some its a one and done but I think it’s beautiful. I too want to try the new dining package :smile: I wouldn’t miss Alice or what we call the Batterhorn. Hoping the refurb will make the ride a little smoother. ^0th Anniversary will be in full swing by then too.


Thank you too @moorparknay15 and @93111tink! It’s not a ‘done deal’ yet that I’m going…but it’s looking good!

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