Solo MK Day Touring

The last day of my trip I will be alone and plan on going to Magic Kingdom since we are staying at GF. My flight is not until 6:30pm, so I have a decent chunk of the day to play (no check-out timelines as my Mom is staying through the week).

I will have already been to MK at least twice in the trip (maybe even 3 times if we go back for an evening), so there will likely not be any rides I hadn’t yet been on. I do have FPPs for SDMT, Splash and POTC. What other rides would you personally go on for a 3rd time? Any that are easier to get on as a single rider? (for instance, if this was EPCOT I would chose Test Track).

I personally would do Space, will Big Thinder be open (?)

Big Thunder and Small World will both be closed. Sad because Small World is a total guilty pleasure of mine and would have been great for a solo day since no one else with ride it with me! Just ask @BenF12400

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Personally I would do my favorites (many of which are your FP+ choices) and also spend time doing some photography I normally don’t have time for when rushing between rides. Space, Buzz & Haunted Mansion would all be rides I’d try to hit. Plus maybe experience some things you normally don’t take time to do - my son & I hit Mickey’s Philharmagic for the first time in years and it was a joy to do again. There may be some old gems you’ve neglected that are worth catching, but what those may be is a very personal choice of course…

I did some solo MK recently. It was easy to get additional FPP for Haunted Mansion (my favorite), Jungle Cruise, and Buzz Lightyear, but my days were longer. If you can, do a repeat Jungle Cruise after sundown on one of your earlier MK days. I enjoyed having time to indulge in meeting characters. It was more fun than I imagined! I spent a morning doing a Keys to the Kingdom tour, since it was just me. I totally agree on taking time to just hold still, and do photography, watch performers on Main Street and elsewhere, explore stores/restrooms/paths you haven’t been in/on.