Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


Impressive. this is like the 10th group in 5 minutes who have tried to get a better look inside the screen. I think Disney did their job exceed my well here.


What’s happening here?


People thinking it’s an actual tank. So they are trying to see what’s in the tank


Where is it?


Epcot. Same building as the Nemo ride.

My kids burned an hour in that area last week. Way too familiar with it. :frowning:


Having to cut my day short. Short version is things aren’t going well at home and now I need to spend time on the phone to coordinate things. So that’ll end Epcot for a while… maybe the whole day. Hopefully I won’t have to go home early.


I am sorry.


Now I’m going to have to go look at that again if we go back to Epcot. I don’t think we spent much time there (we did see the manatees and dolphin) but it never occurred to me it was a screen!


Supportive heart. I’m so sorry. Hopefully you’ll be able to finish your trip off.


I am so sorry to hear this! Sending good thoughts that things get better, soon.


Look at that mostly empty park! We are doing After Hours next Monday, I cannot wait!


I hope you are able to get things sorted quickly and don’t have to go home early.


Well after hours of family-member over exaggerations, doctor calls, pharmacy calls, and over-the-phone consultations, it looks like everything is sorted… though not in as positive a light as I would have preferred. She goes to the doctors tomorrow to be properly evaluated but by all accounts it’s mostly been just “a bad day”.

Heading back to Epcot now. Though the wind is certainly out of my sails. (Sorry for the downer post). Kinda glad I’m going home tomorrow even though I know what’s waiting for me.


Was the bakery open or one of the Joffrey’s stands? Taking notes for February :slight_smile:




Enjoy your evening. Squeeze every moment of fun out of it that you can. You’re such a good son - you deserve this time.


Sorry to hear that problems cropped uo. Hope you enjoy a bit if magic still before you go home.

Best to you and your mom.


Bakery was open. Didn’t see a coffee cart anywhere that was active.


Heheh now I know how Santa feels… been all around the world in one night!


What the what… it’s actually… legitimately … cold. Hahahah