Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


I am loving this! Your pics are beautiful.


I don’t want you to feel bad, @Randall1028, but you have ruined my entire vacation!

Your photo of Epcot has me really worried. I thought WDW would be a festival of Christmas decorations so overwhelming I would spend the whole time crying tears of joy and hugging strangers.

There’s not so much as a sniff of a bit of tinsel in that photo? Do they even know it’s Christmas?

I want a refund.


How so? Also, don’t count out Epcot just yet. I haven’t fully explored and most definitely not at night yet.

Today has been a rocky start. Nothing particularly bad, just not smooth. Lyft was late, and was different from description, so there was time lost in getting everything situated. I had bail on my “explore contemporary” plan for the moment because of it. BUT I’m off to BOG and am hungry: so we’re in good shape.

And as an added bonus, I got to do my “morning contemporary resort walk” that I’m a total fan of


Not as impressive as last night, but still just as nice


From Main Street to seated at bog in one smooth motion. Now with hot coffee and awaiting the breakfast which should be arriving momentarily.

It’s funny that this will now mark the several(ith) time I’ve seen all this and still just as interesting as it was the first time.

Edit: hahaha just saw a family jump outta their skin as they were examining the rose and the thunder went off. The son hightailed it outta the room. :rofl: I’m - I’m sorry… that’s not funny. (Yes it is)


Greetings from the table next to you. How funny!


From seat to eat to exit in 24 minutes. And now an empty park area to enjoy.


That’s hysterical!


I want to see photos of Epcot so overwhelmed by decorations that there’s a real risk buildings may fall down.


A quality use of gingerbread.

And woo hoo, my splash mountain fpp just turned into a anytime/anywhere fpp. Yaaaaassss


Oof walking into the gf, the smell of gingerbread practically bowls ya over.

…can’t imagine why.


Meh, ahead of schedule so it’s off to wilderness Lodge. Private ship is best ship!


Wilderness lodge is going to be a fiiiine holiday home. With the smell of Apple & cinnamon in the air, I am rather sad I’m not staying here tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.


Nice. Time of travel from WL To MK, from board to disembark: 8 minutes.


I love the boats from WL! Well actually, I love everything about WL. Thanks for a little “taste of home”.


Kinda zig zagging to get to ds. So back on board a por:rs bus to the hotel (just made it) and I’ll take a boat to ds. Cause I’m havin fun :smile:


I gotta stop thinking boats are fast here. 15 minutes and we’re just now entering the bay. Ewwww (but it was a relaxing ride)


It’s a great view on arrival!


Ahh! This is beautiful!


Eventful day so far!

You know when you meet people and you hope they turn out to be as cool as they appear to be on the intarwebs? Well good news, looks like @JuliaMc is one of those types of people!