Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


I love it! I wonder if they do that on regular non-party nights?


Don’t think so. Not that I saw anyway


:frowning: Maybe they will after the last party like they do the parade…


Ahhhh the power of the solo traveler. Came from all the way over in adventure land and scored a spot on Main Street for the parade with only a few minutes before it launches.


I’ve chosen my place wisely. The group I’m surrounded by have all made sure that the children can see the parade.

Who says “Disney etiquette” is dead? :smiley:


I guess it depends on how they are making sure that the children can see the parade…


Really enjoying the updates. Thanks for sharing


These trip reports make me think it’ll be worth it to re-subscribe to TouringPlans when my March trip is over. So much fun to travel along with you!


My experience at the Christmas Party was the same way. The crowd made sure the children were up front and everyone positioned themselves so that everyone could see. It is the only party I have ever seen that happen. It is one of the many reason I love that party.


That’s why I am!


All “down in front” style. All the wee ones are in front at street level.

Also, gingerbread smell as the gingerbread men go past. That’s so cool.


That is so awesome!

Why doesn’t that happen all the time?


Now just waiting on fireworks. So far, sticking pretty close to my schedule and even been collecting cookies and chocolate. Yaaassss :smile:


The Holliday show they put on is pretty impressive. Just as entertaining as the spelltacular.


Ya get it? It’s a giant Santa hat!! Hahahah




360 fireworks best fireworks


The holiday party fireworks are amazing!!! Saw some of them from the resort.

Enjoying your trip report! Just got here today and I don’t even know what we really did today. LOL!!


Hope it was fun, at least!!!


Day 2 complete. Nailed everything on my list, except 7dmt cause it was down for 90% of the party and immediately was a 45 minute wait(hahah no.).

Bailed on my HBD lunch because I wasn’t hungry, and being the rebel spy on star tours left a grin on my face all day (that rrrreally shouldn’t have been that impactful). Even was so ahead of schedule I got over to Epcot to check somethings off the Tuesday list. Sad that the other parks aren’t as decked out as HS. But maybe in the dark Epcot can pull out the win yet.

Did they cut back on them? I remember seeing photos where it was just wall to wall lights. I haven’t a clue where that would be though now.

Party was a blast, and I think the surrounding parts of the party (the treats) outdo the Halloween one. Jungle cruise …Er Jingle cruise was cute but not all that much different from normal. The Apple “cider” (juice) was good and the hot chocolate lived up to its name without issue. The cookies were good and the dove chocolates were better than anything you got at Halloween.

As far as parades go, I think they tie. Halloween has the better song, but the Christmas one has more effects. Snow and smells, which are surprisingly effective for creating the mood (especially the snow).

Fireworks goes to the Christmas one but only just. Both utilize the “immersive” fireworks and it’s just impressive. I love the “smiley face” fireworks, and the “whizzing” ones here and creatively coloring the castle put it over the edge.

The night ended on a weird note. They tweaked the buses a bit (and I mean just barely as they were giving POR:Rs extra buses to handle the approaching horde so the line was simply extended) and it apparently was a great offense to some guy and his adult son. Cursing up a storm and complaining that the change was ridiculous. Even though they ended up on the same bus they would have had nothing changed. And his son kept egging him on about how it was such “bs.” So weird.

I am so fricking tired, but don’t wanna go to sleep. It’s a good tired. The kind you are when you’ve had a full day.

Till tomorrow.