Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


The roof of Tamu is off to the left. In this pic I am facing away from Harambe toward Discovery island. I had sent my family on ahead of me as I had a stop to make at Creature Comforts to get my You Are Here mug to complete my set, and they were toast as it was a bajillion degrees.

Do you believe me now? :-/


We are/were too. A few days missing school is no big deal (at least to us). Ahh, the good ol’ days. Travel at any time we wanted. Now my oldest 2 are in HS and it is much harder. We are taking them out one day before spring break but that’s about all we can do.


Yes, (or else you are a really convincing liar).




Lucky you! I’m going to have to ride it until I am the rebel spy. I could be there all night. Are you going to do the SW game at The Void at DS? If that’s not still playing in May I’ll be truly dejected.


I’ll be trying to do void again tomorrow. I have some DS time slotted. And Port Orleans is really close so I should have extra time not lost in transit.


Aaand this is why you don’t worry about filming stuff at wdw. Cause there’s always THIS guy:

Missed 90% of the actors doing anything because tall guy with kid on shoulder.

That said, castle projections were cool as was the lights, so not even mad, bro. :rofl:


Yes, very close. There is apple in the name, right?


I might have politely asked him to remove said child and/or hold in arms.



You are a nice person. I, on the other hand, would have not-so-politely told him how rude he was being…


That’s twice I’ve been called nice in the last hour :blush: I’ll take it!


It’s fine. Besides, I’d rather the little kid see the show than me.

I’m now on Main Street and it’s snowing. Apparently Florida snow is bubbly. :rofl:

This is awesome.

Wonder if that’s going to keep up the whole night


Only if you wildly misspell “Apple” lol


Isn’t it a dole whip float? Pineapple?




How are the crowds at the party tonight? We’ll be ther next Sunday


Kinda heavy, but only in certain areas. Main Street and treat areas are swamped (obviously). It’ll definitely thin out here soon after the first parade.

Oh and to Disney: … Apple JUICE is not CIDER. Lol


Also doesn’t help that 7dmt has been down for over and hour now. :frowning:




Loving the projections on everything