Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


Found this photo of the outside of the Kidani lobby. It may be the answer. Though why there’s one off on its own I cannot say.

(this was found here: )


It flew away…


Yes, and with rum. I KNOW I have posted about that before. Here’s proof:


As with anything, I suppose, this is very kid-dependent. My kids love it!


I’m going to have one of those very soon.


Oh you know what, there’s a proverb out there too. Something about a fool jumping over fire.

Exactly who do you think you are bringing facts into this?!? Good day, I say to you. I said “GOOD DAY!”



ROL is my daughter’s number one night show she wants to see. We’ll see what she thinks about it once she sees it.


Welp, 32,000 steps, 20 hours of awake time, and 3 showings of the kiss goodnight lead me to conclude today was a solid first day. Got everything done but the railroad (cause, duh, it closes before dark).

If I can keep this pace, I’m going to have a great week. See ya tomorrow!


Did you enjoy RoL? We skipped it on Tuesday. Maybe we will do it today when we are back from Universal :slight_smile:




Oh good morning, Boma! Nice to eat you!

Ok that was awful and I apologize. But hunger plays with the mind.


Loving this live trip report :smile:


Heh, easier to do than the novel. Though a lot of detail does get lost :smirk:


That looks incredible!


I’m thinking it’s easier to do when on a solo trip. DH and DD would balk at me typing all the time.


No, still easier to just give brief updates in the moment than full on reports.

It is, however, far easier to make notes and those short updates for the reason you mentioned.

Also, HS Is awesomely decorated. Easily the best park so far (haven’t seen Epcot yet)


Even the toy’s speeches are holiday related. Hah.


I did mine the last couple without issue.


Hahahaha hahah I got to be the rebel spy on star tours. Vacation officially a success!

(freaky as all get out when my picture first appeared)