Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


Where are you staying?


Port Orleans Riverside.


Ohhh so that’s what the tiki rooom would look like turned up to 11.

That was awesome.


Anyone know if there’s a significance to this casted butterfly on the rock outside Sanaa? It’s the only one in the area.


No clue whatsoever. Maybe somebody around here knows.


Had to detour back to my room for a bit, migraine was starting to set in and I decided to nip it in the bud before it ruined my whole night.

Room is fantastic! exactly what I want in a “Disney” room. Absolutely love the “story” of the room that the princesses each contributed something to the room. So far I picked out snow’s, jasmine’s, and Cinderella’s. With more time I’ll pick up the remaining details.

One “downside” is the shampoos, they’re in lock down. I’m not a fan of that given the cost of the room (and yes, I planned on swiping some and I know it’s a direct response to that)

Overall I really like the hotel too. It just sucks that it’s soooo far from everything. The trip back to AK is nearly 20 minutes and the Lyft from AKL to here took forever as well. But other than that, this place is pretty awesome.


I remember the first time I stayed in one of those rooms! My son was about 15 or 16 and he spent hours setting off those fireworks! Thank you for sharing your pictures!


Not gonna lie… I kept pressing the button too. It’s such a fun little addition. :smile:


Your posts always make me smile - thanks!


This forum has failed me!!! How have none of you informed me that there is dole whips available at tamu tamu!? (Do you really hate me that much??)

hahah nomnomnom


It’s so much fun to follow along! Thanks


Ugh. Waiting here for a half hour for ROL to start. But other than that I’m ahead of schedule and hit everything Ive meant to, even with the migraine interruption. Not bad, not bad at all.

Side note: how do passholder people not get they need to cram into every available space while here? Just saw a woman complain, who was flaunting an AP shirt, that she’s being asked to slide down to fill a huge gap? So weird.


Done at a full hour ahead of schedule so it’s off to MK by bus… as I’ve sitting here for about 13 minutes already, I’m second guessing my call to not take a Lyft. Learning experiences.

Why does HS seem to have 5x more buses than anyone else? Is tsl really that much of a draw?


What did you think of Rivers of Light? Worth your time? Where does it rank with other nighttime shows?


Well it’s particularly impressive by using holograms by way of projecting through water. So I love it. I would rank it higher than the Star Wars fireworks, but you’ll find a lot disagreeing there.
Unlike sw, it’s graceful and serene. Not flashy

If you haven’t seen it ever, definitely do it, but it could easily be a once and done for many. I think kids will find it boring.


I’m home.

And no, that picture doesn’t even come close to doing the castle justice.


We loved it as well! We are looking forward to seeing it again!


Sorry that you got a migraine. I’m impressed that you got through it so quickly! Hope it stays away for the rest of your trip!


Yay! Perfect timing! Was just thinking it’d be great to tag along on a trip!!!


Best show on property and one of the best anywhere. Favorite