Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


Ok, final thoughts on Port Orleans Riverside. Beautiful exterior! Wonderfully themed room! … but the “view” from the room is useless. Because there’s no private balcony, and your window is a facing a walkway(even on the 2nd floor) so unless ya like randos looking in: the blinds stay shut, negating the room view.

Not that I got the room I requested anyway. Got “closeish” though. My wants were 2nd floor and I got that, so I’m good.

The bus stop order is horrid. The main lobby is the last stop. WHY?! Added easily 10-15 minutes into the trip time every time for me.

Their mousekeeping crew is a bit hot or miss it seems. They were real slow getting to the room in the day (went back as late as 3pm and it still wasn’t clean yet the one day). And the coffee supplies either left nothing or a lot or left coffee but no fixings. Strange.

The walk from the room to the lobby is short, so that was great.

The dining there is not recommended, at least the quick service breakfast. I got a breakfast burger yesterday and it had some sauce in it that caused me to only be able to take 2 bites. The bagels (my replacement alternative) wasn’t so much a bagel as it was a bagel-shaped roll. Passable, but that’s as far as I’d give it.

Overall, if you have time to actually relax and not go at 1000miles a second at wdw, Riverside would be a great resort… just plan to eat st Disney springs. :slight_smile:


Sorry you had a bad experience at QS. Always had good food there. Enjoyed following you on your trip.


Ugh, now my flight has been delayed an hour. After I’m already here! :rage:

Aaaand delayed again for another hour.


Often when I travel I feel like every day is another chapter out of Atlas Shrugged.
Loved following along with your report, have a safe trip home (hopefully soon).


Thanks. they’re about to line us up to board. There is a lotta preboarders.

And it’s not that I really mind, I just am already fighting disappointment with leaving and anxiety with what I’m going home to. Kinda want to just get it over with

(Though I did make the decision to be “sick” tomorrow for work… so at least I’ll have tomorrow to recover. )


Yaaaaay borded and in 2nd row.

Commence operation: nap this crap away! Lol


Wait! The RR at WDW closes before dark???


Yes and it is closed until “summer 2019”


Thanks for taking us along with you! Really enjoyed it!


Hope you had a safe trip home!

Man, I was SO COLD yesterday. The only coat I have with me is a fur, and that was purely by accident and I was so grateful to have it last night!

It’s supposed to be cold again today, currently 45! (WHAT?! It’s almost as cold as LA!) That wind though is what got me.

Thanks for sharing your trip report! I enjoy all the details you provide!

Enjoy your “sick” day! :joy:


I don’t need you, Disney!

See? I got everything right here! It’s exactly the same! It’s exactly the same as staying in one of your hotels with the hopes and promise of boundless fun. I don’t need you to provide satisfying exhaustion at the end of the day, and then being welcomed back to the hotel like a friend. It’s exactly the same here. Exactly. I don’t need you, Disney.

Ok I lied. Btw, totes sorry for swiping your coffee. No hard feelings, m’kay? :smiley:


Right?! Though ah… now that I’m home…”45” sounds downright tropical. I know I bought a “festival of the holidays” hoodie because it was getting cooler. Gotta say too, I kinda liked being able to wear a Disney hoodie…IN Disney(without risking heat exhaustion).

And thank YOU for your help this week. It was great meeting you and it was a lot of fun! I’d gush more but I don’t want it to get weird(er) :smile:


Oh COME ON, SOUTHWEST! How am I supposed to reintegrate into society when you do the really awesome thing and give me a free flight because of yesterday’s delayed flight issue???

I mean, seriously?! Like… I shouldn’t even be looking at hotels right now… or calculating remaining annual pass time… or eyeballing the “festival of the arts” schedule…

(Of course, in all seriousness, all of this is conjecture until I can get mom seriously taken care of this time. I don’t want a repeat of the last 2 days)

Speaking of, when I got back everything was confirmed: the family taking her waaaaay over exaggerated what they were seeing. Mom’s fine. The doctors checked her out thoroughly and said roughly: chemo sucks and you have a cold. But you’re ok in every other respect. Eat some chicken soup.


Glad she is okay


Better than them not taking a genuine medical issue seriously. I’m glad she’s ok.


Glad to hear she’s ok, but that would be frustrating to return home to!


Oh absolutely, I’m glad they were worried…and I’m not really mad or anything just remembering that it cost me several hours because once they thought something was wrong they became immobilized on how to handle it and I had to step in for 800 miles away. But i get why, so again… not really mad just more “I was worried over nothing.” :slight_smile:


So glad your mom is ok.! Also, I loved all your pics! They really make me want to visit WDW during the holidays. Maybe I"ll start planning a Christmas trip after our February trip is done? :grin:


Glad your mom is okay. Beat to you both.


Glad to hear your mom is ok!