Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


Duuuude, cmon, that’s like reason #3 of going solo: to slow it all down and really take in the details. :wink:


I’m promising myself I’m going to do that this year!


Well just remember, it’s reason 3. Right behind #1 : “do what YOU want to do” and 2: “don’t have to listen to anyone.”


Yyyyyyyeah, it’s so cold I’m bailing on the sleepy hollow idea in favor of a plaza breakfast (they had seating)


Woo hoo, cancelled my splash mountain fpp (cause lol no) and was able to snag a 7dmt in its place(someone must’ve just cancelled cause it wasn’t there 2 minutes ago)


Good breakfast plan is good. Get Mickey waffles AND a discount while staring at the castle.


Womp womp. 7dmt went down again just as I was at row sorting. Ah well, maybe next time.


Oh! Fun detail: momento Mori’s eye follows you (just noticed that this morning)


Skippers canteen offfering hot apple “cider” in lobby. I’m down with that.


Something else I’ve been trying to do on our trips now that we’ve been a few times (along with slowing down and noticing things like the statues) is to take different routes. Efficiency is my default mode, and that means I take the quickest route normally, but then I’ve realized I’m missing seeing things from a different perspective. And sometimes that ends up with awesome new vantage points, like this one


I love being chilly/cold at WDW! I hate being hot (that is anything above 75 degrees) and sweaty there, the cold is wonderful, enjoy it!


I’m the same way. I’m hoping it’s cool when I’m there in SIXTEEN days! I don’t want it to be freezing, but 40-60 would be great!


Cold is fine, cold + wind is where I start tapping out. And that’s how it was this morning. Warming up now though… just in time to leave to catch my tragical express. :roll_eyes:


:frowning: I’m upset for you…


Agree! It is 27 degrees at home, so 40-70 sounds perfect. Packing was weird/harder though, for spring break we need 2 outfits a day and only warm weather clothes, this trip I packed jeans, capris, shorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, a light and heavier rain coat, and even thin gloves. Also flip flips, Keens, and 2 pair of regular shoes to be warn with jeans and socks.


My good friend @JuliaMc just said the same thing about the wind! Hopefully the wind dies down for you both.


That’s essentially what we will be doing. Although DH and DD are super skinny and are cold natured, so they will have warmer clothes than I.


Just catching up, but what a great report and pics. I hope you have a great last day.


On the bus now. Cut it as close as one can. But I had to catch the Dans before I left MK!


Sorry to see your trip over. I hipe you have a good flight. And more I hope that things will be looking good when you get home.