Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


Beautiful pictures!


We will be there too!!


Sorry to hear about your mom. But seems like the trip was the perfect length. I love all the photos!


The holiday finale of illlumintations is nothing short of awe inspiring. That was completely insane.

Oh and that blur in the center of the candlelight chorus folks is none other than Neil Patrick Harris. Didn’t even know he was going to be here in person, thought it wa going to be a recording. That was petty cool.


Yep, there are all in person! Your photos are beautiful. Glad you didn’t have to leave early!


Boardwalk and beach club decorations


Yay, you made it to the gingerbread displays!

I’m sorry to read about your mom. Here’s to your last day being magical and a safe trip home.

For DAH, I’m not a big complainer about stuff here, but I would complain on this one. That’s not cool. :rage:

Looking forward to illuminations later this week!


On the [stupid long] bus ride back to the hotel. So it seems like a good time for the wrap up. After what can only be described as a completely disappointing morning and afternoon, it was kinda fun throwing together a completely last minute schedule for the night. The above photo of all the show times (and my “notes”) is why I do things in spreadsheets when I can. :wink: In the end, though, it was a total success, the only thing I missed was the band in Morocco because they didn’t put on a show.

After the spectacular illuminations performance, I grabbed a pizza over at the boardwalk (not bad at all) and a coffee from beach club. Got back into Epcot and was able to catch a final ride on spaceship earth before it’s closed for its extended time.

Then, it was off to take some photos around Epcot to wrap up the night.

Tomorrow is at MK, and then to home.


Heh, got back to the room to find my goodies were arranged.

…I think it’s a reindeer? Maybe…no idea. Still… better than nothing which is what I’ve had all week.


Gorgeous pics! I’ve got no idea what that is either, reindeer seems like a good guess.


Super-jealous you got NPH. Is that the full choir behind him? It seems small.


I keep trying to make it something…but can’t. :joy: I’d be excited that they did anything though too!


Oh, no. That’s just the “tree” section. There’s 2 large groups flanking


Canceled my bog res. Just wasn’t feeling it and a sleepy hollow inn breakfast should do the trick.

It’s friggin cold! Breezy and like 55 Fahrenheit. I’m in long sleeves and pants in the magic kingdom and it’s so strange.


Just thought: the cold might allow me to rope drop 7dmt a few times. People might be slow getting here this morning.


Haha … maybe not. The crowd is already huge at that gate. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out where they’ll be heading.



Glad to hear this as the SW show isn’t on while we’re there.


Yeah I’m a bit bored :rofl:


I didn’t even know any of those little statues were there. I’m always too busy rushing to my next rude.