Solo holiday trip report 12/1-12/5


I started this excursion with several explanations of why I was going. All could be considered “good reasons” but I feel now is the time to come clean. It was all a lie, I’m actually going because I ran out of rice crispy treats from the last trip! :rofl: And when that happens, one must be resolute in the resupply.

So here I am, at the airport, readying to make the quick trip down to Orlando to get the item. And hey, maybe I’ll visit the parks while I’m there. Just so I can keep up the ruse that this isn’t about rice crispy treats. :wink:



Safe Travels!


JYeeesh, there’s been a series of gate departure foul ups (says one thing, then says another)… seriously concerned my luggage will get lost now :frowning:

(Edited to fix autocorrect fun)


So, are you trying to lose your luggage?


Hehe, guess that should say “will”, huh? Thank you autocorrect.


Hopefully you and your luggage will get there at the same time. :slight_smile:

But, how much luggage do you need to purchase the rice krispy treats?


Well, I brought 2 bags and a backpack. The one bag is empty sooo, we should be good. :wink:


Enjoy your trip! Is the empty bag for your new supply of treats?


Have so much fun! Hopefully you and your luggage make it safe.


I know where you’re coming from. I’m going back to WDW later this month. During my trip in June a button fell off my jacket so I’m going back to look for it. It’s actually quite inconvenient to be travelling but the jacket looks wrong without the button. I’m staying six nights so that I can check each park really thoroughly. It could be anywhere!


This has been a theme this week that I have noticed among people I know who are flying. Frustrating!


I long to go on a solo trip some day. Well, I do get one day usually when they go to Universal. Have a great time!

We rarely check bags, maybe sometimes on the return, when it’s less important if they get lost. Being frequent travelers we’ve gotten the one-bag thing down to a science. Life is just easier when all you’ve got is a rolling bag and tote!


Of course!

Right, I could’ve done that this time, but then where would I stick the treats?


Mail 'em home! Then you can have an unlimited supply!
Although, I do understand that you have to actually go to WDW to supervise the packing, of course. Improper treat-packing could have the makings of disaster.


Finally moving on the magical express. And of course I’m the last stop :sob:

Is it weird I see homes on the way there and think “I could live there…”


Be careful there, you’re only there to get your treats…


Yes, but then I’ll run out eventually. One must plan for the future!


I’m excited for your trip report. I was scheduled to have my first solo trip report in February, but then my mom said she was interested in joining me so now we are having a mom/daughter trip, which I’m thrilled about! I plan to go back in July and that trip is supposed to be solo as well. I’m a little nervous about doing Disney alone and feeling lonely while I’m there. I’m eager to hear how your trip goes and hope you continue to post about your adventure!


Woo after 3 stops I’m here at just shy of 10.

I was going to call a Lyft but then noticed the next AK bus was arriving so I just hopped on. Solid timing. :smiley:


Entered into ak at exactly 10:30. I am scary accurate on the plan so far. Walked into “winged experiences” and got to see the parrots come in and take off with slow moving camera going. Very cool.