Solo Disney ideas!

I survived flying all by myself! Go me!

Having a blast so far. Yesterday we went to Disney Springs, and DGD did BBB. Soooo cute! Then we had dinner at Planet Hollywood, did some shopping, and I upgraded my ticket to an AP.

After a huge foul up with the kids’ resort and tickets, (long story for another post, or check the Liners FB group) we had BOG breakfast, met Ariel, rode Ariel’s Grotto, then the kids did Dumbo while I went over to Jungle Cruise. Next up is Peter Pan. The Wifi here is awful so pictures will have to wait till later.


OK, I figured out very quickly that 1. Disney Wifi sucks, and 2. I hate typing on the phone keyboard, so now that I am back home, and have a real computer, and good internet, I can do some trip reports. With pics!

Day 1 - arrival, Disney Springs and BBB

I booked my flights with AAdvantage Miles, and the only flights available were really, really early, or really, really late. I opted for early, and arrived at MCO at 9:30 am. It took me a bit to find where Uber picks up - in the tunnel, behind the rental car desks - but I was on my way to Sheraton Vistana Resort in a Cadillac Escalade and arrived at 11:45. My DD and her family arrived about 1:00, but the villa wasn’t available until 3:00. Once we were in, we freshened up, called for another Uber and headed over to Disney Springs for DGD BBB appointment.

Here’s my precious pumpkin, before:

And after:

We then shopped at World of Disney, where DD and I got ourselves into giggle fit after giggle fit while DGD and DSIL shopped for Mother’s Day gifts. I then stopped at Guest Services to upgrade my ticket to an AP and TiW. DGD stayed with me while DD and DSIL went to get something to drink.

She was already pooped out, and we hadn’t gotten to dinner yet, but she rallied, and we had a grand time at Planet Hollywood:

Our original plan was to return to the resort and swim that evening, but it was too chilly, so we just relaxed in the villa, and got ready for the next day of adventure, though it started out a bit rough for my DD and her family.

I am so glad to find this thread! While I will be with my DD, I will be single parenting it! It is scary at times. You tips are great, and will read them again to remind myself if I start feeling overwhelmed! Introvert vacation here we come!

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Day 2 … Magic Kingdom

We were up and out early. We had to get over to AoA so the kids could get checked in, then get to BOG for 9:25 breakfast. Simple enough, yes? Oh no …

First, DGD lost her Magic Band at some point the night before. So we stopped in the store and got a new one. The CM said to have it linked at the front desk. At the front desk, we were told the system was down - couldn’t link the MB, and they didn’t have ticket cards because they bought a package from a TA, so we had no way for DGD to get into the park. Further, we were told that DD and DSIL MB weren’t activated for park entry either with the system being down. Bonus, Dining Plans were offline too, so they’d have to pay cash for the meal, then get reimbursed later. DD was almost in full meltdown at this point, DSIL was dealing with her, while I tried to sort it out with the CM.

The CM called her manager, who said to do whatever to make it right, so they got one day PH tickets, and 3 FP each, since the ones we had were linked to the MBs. I gave them my cell number, and asked that they deal with me on getting things sorted out, so DD wouldn’t have to. (She has anxiety issues, and it doesn’t take much to set her off … yeah, Disney can be tough for her, but she does it for DGD.)

Then we were off. Made it to MK just in time for the Welcome show and rope drop to the rest of the park. I got a call from the AoA desk clerk who said they were able to activate the MBs and link DGDs, so our scheduled FPs were good, plus we each had three more! Dining Plan came back on line while were at BOG, so they didn’t have to pay cash. The day was turning out much better by this point.

We rode Peter Pan, and DGD did some character meets. Then went off to Dumbo, and I went over to Jungle Cruise - dipping my toes into the solo Disney for the first time. I had plenty of time, so meandered a bit. I watched some of the Muppet show in Liberty Square, and sat and watching the camel spit on people in Adventureland until my FP window for JC opened. I could do that all day … hilarious!!

I met back up with the kids for our 7DMT FP, then we went over to use the extra FP at Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. HM had a short wait, so we did that, then took DGD to meet Chip and Dale, princesses, Peter Pan and Ariel. Then it was time for dinner. DD had a dinner ADR at CP, and I managed to snag a BOG ADR, but it was for 45 minutes later. I was hoping to get one a bit later, and go for dessert and The Beast … but in the end, we decided to drop CP and just do BOG dinner, and man oh man, am I glad we did! The food was great, and The Beast meet was awesome!

More to come!

I’m sorry that the trip started out rough for your DD and her family- so glad they managed to work out the snafu for you guys quickly! Love the pictures- DGD looks stoked to be with the Beast!

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