Solo Dining, specifically at StoryBook Dining

Have a work trip in March that I was able to add a couple of days before to have some fun. I bought tickets to DAH at MK on my first day. My plan was to check into CSR around 11am-ish, do some relaxing and was going to make my way over to Poly to Trader Sams for some pre-partying. Trader Sams is one place I have never been and really always wanted to check out.

Yesterday I was able to grab an ADR for Story Book Dining for uno at 415p. I tried my hardest to get a ressie here on you trip back in September but it never worked out. I have some mixed feelings about eating here solo but I think its only because of it being a character meal. Will I look like a creeper being there alone? Not that it matters, but I am a female in my early 40s. I usually feel a little goofy when it comes to characters but always have my daughter there to reflect and take the attention. How do the characters act if its a solo adult? Could I ask for the characters to skip my table? I just think I might be nervous and shy!

Second, how long does this meal usually take? Would I still have time to make it to Poly before MK at 7 or would it be a waste of time if Trader Sams is too crowded? I know I will need to kill time somewhere, I mean I would not be going back to CSR before MK so I would need something to occupy my time.

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I just checked my records ( and by that I mean my photos) and in September two of us were seated at 8:40pm and were out at 10:30pm. That included waiting in line for the Queen and thee other photos.

I never think it is weird to dine alone… Also, the characters aren’t just hopping table to table, there were also ‘dance’ breaks in there too. So, you’re not just staring at them interact with others.
I think the timing would be too tight to go to Trader Sam’s after, if you’re planning to be at MK at 7. Even if you eat quickly, you have to take a bus/boat to MK and then transfer to the monorail.
I do love Trader Sam’s though, so maybe set a res finder for a little bit later dinner and if you can snag it, go to TS right when it opens at 3

Thank you. I figured I wouldnt have time for both and couldn’t remember if WL had a boat to Poly like they do to CR. My original plan was for Trader Sams and dinner at Kona but nothing available for the 23rd at Kona. I set up a dining alert for Kona and will wait it out to see if anything comes up. Have some time yet to make my final decision. Best part is it’s my decision and do not have to worry about what anyone else wants to do!

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I’m former “friends” with a couple characters. (Not Disney - Tweety Bird / Marvin the Martian / Harry Potter) It doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 44, they will happily M&G with you - especially if you look excited about meeting them. If you give the “don’t come near me stare”, they’ll pass by, but not stay - maybe a high five or something.

My general advice about this is:

If you are excited to meet a character, they’re probably as happy to meet you. IME - the people who work with characters love what they do. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being an actual celebrity. (My daughter who is a BIG harry Potter fan loves that I “personally” know him!)

If it helps more - I’m 45, a guy and still love meeting characters. I usually plan an entire day of my trip that revolves around this with few rides.


This one one of my favorite experiences when we visited in Nov. I don’t think it would be weird to be alone. The atmosphere, food and drama of the Evil Queen are definitely worth experiencing. It seems like a more “grown up” type of experience than, say, a buffet that has Mickey and pals.

Tip for a fun character greeting: have a line ready, something to do with their character - like “Cinderella, do you have both your shoes?” or “Ariel, Ursula isn’t with you? I’m afraid of her…”. The characters will go with it, avoiding any awkward moments :slight_smile:

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A few years ago my companion felt sick the day we had a reservation for Akershus so I went without her because she wanted to sleep undisturbed and I wanted pictures with the princesses ( I’m over 60). The characters were great and the staff was amazing and made sure I didn’t feel uncomfortable or lonely. They offered to take pictures as each princess visited my table. Do it.


Thanks everyone for the confidence! It’s crazy that I was able to get a time that works so well with my plans. I gonna give it a try!

Any particular cocktail a must order at this dinner??

I am not a solo traveler, but I wouldn’t hesitate to eat here as a solo traveler. It was such a fun experience IMO. Our meal was about 90 minutes for a group of 7. We weren’t in a hurry.

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I ate there as a solo traveller. Great experience — interesting food, good theming, fun characters — except for Snow White, who snubbed me.Twice. Did a clever waltz around my table so that her back was directed at me, and moved on. Twice.

Definitely not a creeper. :sunglasses:

Thanks everyone for the vote of confidence, won’t be feeling like a creeper! It’s crazy I was able to get the perfect time ADR for my plans so that must mean something. If I have time to kill after dinner, can check out GP. Last time we stayed at WL it was back in 2004 so there is lots of new stuff to explore.
Now I have to plan the perfect outfit for my party of one!

It was fun to go outside and see the geyser go off.