Solo dining Epcot

Looking for advice on two solo dinners before the rest of my family arrives. Right now I have reservations at Restaurant Marrakesh and Spice Road Table, but I wanted to do Garden Grill with my family but won’t be able to. Anyone done solo dining at a character meal or specifically this one? With it being family style how would that work? Would it be awkward/weird? And if I did Garden Grill which of the other two would you keep?


I am doing a solo meal at Garden Grill before the Candlelight procession (and before my family arrives to join me). I have dined solo at Marrakesh before and truly enjoyed it. I also had some concerns about dining solo at the Garden Grill because of the dining style (character and the all you care to enjoy family style). I really like the food at Garden Grill and it is one of my favorite character interactions so I decided I was doing it anyway! I will be there for lunch on 11/28/15. I say if you really want to dine there, don’t worry about it being awkward and just go for it! (Sound advice, I took it myself :wink:)

I have dined solo at BG, TI, VN, LH, and R&C and have enjoyed every experience. I’m not a fan of Marrakesh; I’ve had very good “authentic” Moroccan food elsewhere, and it just kind of misses the mark (the apps and desserts are quite good, the entrees seem to be uniformly under-seasoned - even when I’ve asked for extra spice). But it is a very beautiful restaurant. I haven’t had a chance to try SRT yet. I’ve never done GG, but I generally do not do CMs; TH is the exception because I really like the food.

I should add that Tangerine is quite good; my go-to QS if I’m not in the mood for fish and chips.

Honestly, I think the answer to this depends on your personality and your degree of interest in meeting characters. I love to dine alone, and I do this frequently when I am traveling for work. I am completely comfortable sitting by myself and just relaxing, really focused on the food and atmosphere. That said, I probably would not choose to do a character meal alone, but I think that’s just more because I only care for the characters if my kids are involved.

Thanks everyone! I decided to go for it.


Really enjoyed Garden Grill despite going solo! The food was delicious and the characters were fun. They had a booth section they pulled tables apart so it was a 6 person family and then me. Glad I got to try it out. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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It was worth it! Hope you have as good a time!

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