Solo adult - which would you choose?

I’m headed to Universal in late September and the parks are closing early while I’m there because of the Halloween Hainted Nights event they have. I have no interest in scary stuff so am considering doing one of the night time WDW events - the two available while I’m there are the Mickeys Halloween Party and AK After Hours.

As a solo adult, which would you choose and why? Or if you’ve done both which did you like better? We were just at MK as a family earlier this year but didn’t hit any of the “thrill” rides because my kids were scared, and I’ve never been to AK.

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I have done both of them and they are both great, but for different reasons. So I think it depends on what you are wanting–do you want to ride rides multiple times or do you want to experience more of a party? The halloween party truly has a party feel to it and there is a fabulous parade, fireworks and special character M&Gs. The after hours events are great if you want to experience rides multiple times. My DS and I enjoyed our AK after hours time–we rode EE 10x (his idea, not mine), rode Dinosaur, saw ROL (don’t judge), rode Navi and then did FOP twice.
Overall I feel like the after hour events are less crowded than parties (not sure if that is a factor in your decision).


Yeah it feels like the reason to go to a party is mostly for the “extra” party stuff - parades, meet and greets, overlays, fireworks, etc. - while the sole purpose of after hours events is really just to ride the rides with fewer crowds.

If I were in your shoes, I would do AK, because there are lots of amazing rides there that you’ve never done, and you’d probably feel the “solo” part less than if you were at a party. But MK is always nice too.


I havent done either. I have seen and rode everything at MK. I have not done Pandora so I would pick AK, I also think it would be less crowded, but just an opinion, havent heard anything, lol.


since you’ve never been to AK, I would say go for the party. AK is great, but it’s strength is not in rides and I feel outside of the pandora stuff, DAH is kinda wasted there.

If you’re going to experience AK, I would say go during normal time and really take it all in.

As for the party, it’s great for all the reasons mentioned.


this is a hard choice (but a good choice to have). i don’t think you can go wrong with either. initially, i was leaning toward dah at ak. i’m a big fan of dah across the board. @Randall1028 made a good point about the strength of ak going beyond rides. very true; ak is a beautiful park to explore well beyond rides.

i’ve been to the halloween party with family but had ample opportunity one year to wander around solo. it was delightful to walk around the event-themed mk, hop on a few rides, and take in some special treats. it was easy to pop in for the parade, which is a lot of fun (the gravediggers are great), and move around pretty easily.

I would do DAH at AK. Less crowded, and AK

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FYI September is Orlando’s Magical Dining and there are locations in UO and WDW.

I’ve never the AK DAH, but I’ve done MNSSHP three or four times. I love it soooooo much. The whole atmosphere feels different to me. On another note, is the 585 in your name because you are in the land of Wegman’s, garbage plates, and Kodak?

Ooh that is great to know! The more I think about it I wonder if I should just take the UO early closing time as a reason to just get a nice dinner and relax at the pool!

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Thanks! Nope it’s my birth month and year but ironically my husband is fromRochester and I never even made that connection before!