Sold out Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party. October 31, 2015

Houston I have a problem…my DD 14 can now go for Halloween trip but I did not by her MNSSHP for Oct 31 ! Now they are sold out. Anyone know anybody who has an extra to sell?

Have you called WDW to see if one more ticket could be added to your order? Worth a try, as the CMs can sometimes work “magic”.

Yes I did and explained. She was very nice but said they just don’t have any additional tickets. Tnx for the suggestion. Hoping someone will have along the way! Pixie dust!

I know you may not want to wait till your actual trip but I would go to customer service at MK when you get there.
Last September, we were at the MNSSHP that got rained out and they offered to provide us tickets for another night, well, this was our last night there so they asked if we were coming back to DW in 2015 and I told her that we had a trip planned for the week before Thanksgiving and she offered me replacement tickets to the MVMCP this year. She gave me a code # and took a picture of my DL and since the dates for the party had not been released yet, she told me to come to the customer service desk the day of the party that we wanted to attend to pick up our tickets in 2015. I asked her “what if the party we want to attend is sold out”, her answer was “we always set aside extra tickets for special circumstances, even if it is a sold out party”. I think the customer service at each park may be able to provide more accurate information than a CM.
Good luck! I hope you get an extra ticket.

I would call back - some CMs are a little more helpful than others. I have heard many stories of people calling WDW and being told that something cannot be done, and then calling back and being told “Sure, no problem!”

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call some travil agencys and other sites that might sell them. they are given so many to sell and these might not be sold not yet