Social Media Influencers?

Who are these “influencers” that Disney has paid in order to spread the rose colored glass view of what is happening at HS and the world lately? I would interested in following a few on insta or twitter to see what kind of black smoke they are blowing… Josh has not held back on his feelings about HS lately that’s for sure.

Lou Mongello? That would be my guess.

I am not saying if I agree or disagree- I just assume when those types of comments are shared they are referring to him.

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I have been thinking about your post. To me, it seems like the Disney social media community is sometimes broken into two camps: those that get “free stuff” and those that don’t . I guess the list of those that get invited grows? The concern is those people report in a way because they are afraid to lose access or the “stuff” (including early access and/or cruises?)