Social distancing

Now that all the social distancing markers and requirements have been removed, what is the current level of “personal space” in the parks? I haven’t been in over a decade, but I don’t think I ever went at a time that it was shoulder to shoulder people. However, that is the impression I get when I think of “normal” crowd levels now. Is that accurate? Or is it still possible to “social distance” to some degree? Our trip is mid-October with 2 unvaccinated kids.

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We were there in early August - before the big Delta drop in crowds. I would say people were trying to give more space than in the past, but it was still pretty crowded and < 3’ was fairly common. At shows and in the stretching room etc. they were doing the “fill in all available space” speeches by CMs…

So…You’re definitely not going to maintain 3’ everywhere, much less 6’.

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Fill in all available space

(All the dead space if you’re on HM)

It sucks but it’s true

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what attractions have packed in places like this besides HM? ToT? RotR?

RnRRC because of the preshow, I always find Dinosaur squishes up after the preshow trying to get down the stairs, close quarters while waiting to build a car at Test Track depending on how many they squish together on a numbered circle. There are lots of them.

I think any of the show type attractions will have this issue - definitely saw it at Mickey’s Philharmagic & Muppets plus RotR at points. FoP pre-show is the same stand on the dot procedure. They’re pretty much running like normal for what is open in most places…

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