Soarin' Wait Times now?

So, what is the general wisdom these days on the wait time for Soarin if one is not doing it at RD? I’ll be going in November on an estimated CL5 day and park remains open until 9pm. We’ll be there from the afternoon until park closure. I decided to grab FEA at 8:25pm (only available time…and lucky to get it), believing those wait times are longer than Soarin’.

I should add that TP puts Soarin right after our FEA fast pass, telling us it’ll take 20 minutes to walk from FEA over to Soarin to get there just before 9pm. Then, there is basically no wait. Does it really take 20 minutes to walk from Norway over to Soarin’? I guess I should trust the plan…thoughts?

I think the impression I’ve gotten from reading posts is that the wait times are lower since the 3rd theater opened. (A lot of people in the forums give what was the conventional wisdom when Soarin’ was 2 theaters, that you should RD Soarin’ and then do the single rider line for TT right after. I’ve read some suggestions that TT first and then Soarin’ might be better, since TT builds a big line faster and Soarin’ now has more capacity.) I don’t know when to suggest you do it during the day. Just before close, I guess?

So, I guess you’re skipping Illuminations? The plan is having you get in line at the end of the night? Using Google Maps and the Measure Distance tool, it’s about 2500 feet from the Norway Pavilion to the back of The Land Pavilion (not quite half a mile), and you are going to be trying to get out of World Showcase while lots of people are getting ready for Illuminations, so I don’t think 20 minutes is crazy. Or is Illuminations later on this day?

Thanks for sharing what you’ve gathered from all the postings. And you went above and beyond in estimating the distance. Thanks!

Yes, we would skip illuminations and save that for another night. Illuminations is at 9pm. So we probably are best off heading for soarin at the end of the night.

From what I’ve seen the wait times haven’t been going much over 30 mins. I’d check the wait time any time that you’re in the area. But yes trying to walk from Norway as people are coming into the area for fireworks (and on tired feet) 20 minutes is totally reasonable.

Thanks so much for this input. Will do.

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