Soarin today -- more paper return slips?

Just wondering if they are continuing to hand these out?

It seems as if the computer systems are fiqn today.

Hmm... I mean the slips they were testing the other day, similar to the A&E test, for people in the standby line. Let me link the old post about it...

When all the computers went down there were reports that all attractions went to paper returns. It was so confusing it would be hard to tell.

Thanks for the clarification @PrincipalTinker! I didn't mean to withdraw that post above -- I was trying to link the discussion from the other day that included a photo of the standby return passes, when they closed the standby line for several hours. Oh well! Let's try that again! smile
Today was crazy, wasn't it?
I was just curious if they are continuing this standby return test...