Soarin something new or fresh paint?

Has anyone been on Soarin since it reopened? Is there any real difference or just a “new coat of paint”? I’m going in a few weeks and was wondering how important I should make it. If it is something new and special, I’ll make sure I catch it, otherwise I may wait until September when I go to the Magic Kingdom and crowds are smaller. Thanks!

It is a completely new film.

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Yep. The new film features locations from all over the world. The previous one, as you know, was just through California. There’s also new scents that you smell going through the new scenes.

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So you think it’s worth catching this trip. Thanks.

Yep. If you want to know what you’re in for (meaning you don’t care about spoilers), you can see the ride video at

Also, Epcot just added a 3rd screen to Soarin, so capacity just went up and wait times have gone down.

I’m not into spoilers but thanks for the info.