Soarin' Single Rider lane

Going to Epcot tomorrow and plan to use Single Rider line which I saw was being “tested” last week or before and hope it is still there. I do not see single rider lane for doing wait time in the Lines app and wondering if that required a whole app update or something backend.


That would require an update to the app, which they are probably waiting to do until it’s permanent, or making the change along with other necessary updates.


Have you read positive things about that single rider?

Have not read any feedback on how much of a saving it could be but I do hope with so many rows that could end up with an empty seat it might be good. I plan to ride twice or more if single rider beats standby by decent amount. I can post result tomorrow.

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I expect single rider seats will be the least desirable ones.

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I saw on chat not to bother.

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I have read issues if you enter single rider with a group, most likely you will be sent to different concourses.

I have also read you are not allowed to request to wait for a row

Finally, single riders have felt the single rider line ends up being longer.


Every single rider line has the caveat that your party will most likely be split up and if you’re not ok with that, not to do single rider.


I think the specific issue is if you are with someone at EE, or even RnR you are in the line and separated at the loading zone. At Soarin, you are separated at three hallways and sent down another area of the building. Once there, you continue to wait in that hallway until you make it to the loading area, actually- the preshow area. It is different and I think that should be recognized.


I looked for the single rider line last week and did not see it.

Without any experience with this specific single rider lane, it sure seems like this would be a good option to try single rider on (especially if you are attempting this alone), other than the fact that you will almost certainly be on the edges. It is almost impossible to fill every row completely. Best of luck, let us know how it goes!

You could be on the end of the row in the center section though. It’s worth chancing it if you’re ok with not being picky about where you sit.

But yes. This is one that would definitely be for TRUE singles since as @PrincipalTinker said, you would be separated much earlier than other single rider lines. So in that sense, it is TRULY single rider.


I read on the app that single rider for Soarin was only a two day test.

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No single rider line this week.

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Bummer. Thanks.