Soarin sickness?

alright everyone, I’ve never been on soarin…I know, I know. But we didn’t go to epcot on our first trip, it was closed on our second trip, and we got poured out (like dripping wet with 4 kids) right before we were going to go on it on our third trip. Our next trip is in October and I’ll be making fast pass reservations next week. I desperately want to try soarin with the family but is it a motion sick kind of ride? I don’t do big drops or spinning around, no coasters. Kind of hate the feeling of flying. I thought this looked like something I could handle but then a friend said it made her feel awful.
So those of you who have been on it…thoughts?

You’re really just hanging there, in the air, and stable. You’re not even very far off the ground. However, the movie does give you a feeling of movement. My mom, who suffers from virtigo refused to go on it. She had been on it before her virtigo and loved it, but while standing in line, watching the wall entertainment, she started to feel dizzy. She opted to step out of line, rather than risk an episode in the ride itself.

I’m not a motion sick person, but when riding could see how it could get to someone who doesn’t like that floaty feeling (was keeping an eye on motion sickness and the height factor for future family trips with my parents). That being said, I don’t think the ride itself moves very much once you lift up. You just sort of tilt. You might be okay closing your eyes if necessary.

Of course Dramamine or something similar is also an option.

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I get vertigo and this didn’t bother me at all. Neither did FOP. I did however get sick on the magic carpet ride, and refused to go on teacups, dumbo etc.

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I do not get motion sickness on big thrill rides like coasters and ToT, but I get terrible vertigo on Soarin - the entire time I feel like I am going to slide off the seat and plummet.

DH likes to go on it, but has learned not to do any other “wild” rides like coasters, Star Tours, or Tower of Terror. 7DMT was even tough for him to handle. He has a plane he flies. Soarin’ is like that, for motion. After all, it is supposed to be as if you are in a hang-glider.

DH gets sick on it. I am fine though.

I get motion sickness. I love true rollercoasters but can’t handle teacups or motion simulator rides (most of the universal studios “roller coasters”). I have been on the old version of Soarin and did NOT get motion sick. I do NOT however recommend mission space orange (ok, I got pressured, and knew better). I cannot speak to the new version of Soarin but I anticipate it is similar in that you just hang there a bit and the screen makes it seem like you are moving. It’s a steady progressive motion, not back and forth. I would say that a better analogy is to ask whether you get sick with TV shows/movies where the camera is in motion (not blair witch project jittery motion but moving thru the action). I might get a little queesy sitting up front at a movie theater IMAX Jason Bourne movie, but not in the first 5min (which is how long this takes). Kind of same idea.

I don’t get motion sickness but my wife does. When we were waiting in line, she got mad at me because I didn’t tell her she should have prepped herself with dramimine but decided to go anyway. She said she didn’t get motion sickness at all and it is not her favorite ride in all of the parks.

There is very little actual motion other than when the seats move in and out of position at the beginning and end of the ride; the “effect” of flying is entirely visual. Worst case is that if you have problems, simply close your eyes; with your eyes closed it just feels like you are siting on a bench that occasionally sways a little bit.