Soarin reopen date

Hi all. I’m new here so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I have a trip planned June 1 thru June 8. I’ve been to Disneyland several times, but never Disney World, so this is a whole new ballgame for me. I’m working on my Epcot touring plan which shows Soarin reopening on June 2. Disney and other websites just state it will reopen in the summer of 2016. Touring Plans is the only site I can find that gives an actual date. I’m wondering how accurate the June 2 date is, and what information it is based on? Thanks.

Perhaps the building permit papers had a date listed. From what I’ve read, Disney hasn’t officially announced a reopening date, but TP “knows stuff.”

Thanks so much. I hope they know this stuff cause that’s THE date I’m there. Without Soarin, Epcot might be a bust for me. But then again, the new Frozen ride should be opened by then.

Don’t forget about the Pixar animated shorts in a new 4D experience at Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination Pavilion…coming out soon!! :wink: