Soarin' Reboot

Further verification that the rumors we've heard (third theater, new Soarin' film) may have some truth behind them.


Can only hope that this is true!


Would love to see an update to Soarin

That would be great!

Ok if these rumors are true -- 2016 really Disney? In today's day and age -- this could get done a lot sooner. It's not like they don't have the money to hire the best people to work overnight!

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I'm all for a bit of refurbishment on Soarin as it is one of my favorites, but I have to agree that it seems like Disney needs to get their act together in terms of the pace at which they add, refurb, change attractions.

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Agreed. Seems the competition down the street is a bit quicker on that front. But, may not be a fare comparison since Universal is in it's growth phase while WDW is more mature.

The examiner is not a reliable source of rumors IMO. would be nice if it does come to be but I wouldn't put much stock in it as reported

Gotcha. Heard the same from Jim Hill on a podcast. But, ultimately, I'll wait for word from WDW all the time.

If Jim Hill said it, then it is definitely NOT true. wink

I still want a star tours style soarin, where they have dozens of scenes, and each ride randomly picks 6 to 8 of them, so every ride is different.

Does anyone think that Planes Fire & Rescue will be part of the new Soarin' film? It seems like it would fit perfectly. They'd even have a tie in with Wildreness Lodge.

No the Planes movies aren't successful enough to get a big tie in like that. Even at DCA where Soarin is more plane theme they havn't rolled any of those guys out there.