Soarin' or TT at Rope Drop Christmas Week No FP+

We will be Epcot December 22 for the first half of the day only. It is an EMH early morning time. We are going to Hollywood Studios for the evening, so all our FP+ are being used at Hollywood. Every other time we’ve gone to Epcot, we RD Soarin’ and raced over to TT. Or, in the older days, RD to snag a fast pass for Soarin’ and raced over to ride TT. Now, with the extra space on Soarin’ the question is: Soarin’ 1st or 2nd? I think we will want to ride twice. Being Christmastime, I don’t expect to be able to ride much after the rest of the crowds get there.

I’m hoping people who were there at Thanksgiving can offer insight.


This is only based on what I’ve read, but Soarin currently has a shorter wait time, if you wanted to ride both once I’d go to TT first. However if you want to do Soarin twice then go there first. You can also use the single rider line at TT if the queue looks too horrendous. If Mission space is your next priority then starting at Soarin makes sense. After that Spaceship Earth and then Nemo, Crush, LWTL and Figment.

I’m a bit of an anomaly here because (a) if I miss TT, I’m not really upset, and (b) I’m typically solo, so single rider lines work well for me. With FPPs, I typically get the FPP for Soarin’ and take my chances on the TT single rider line; if it’s too long i just skip it. If I am with someone who MUST ride TT, I’ll FPP TT and do Soarin’ at RD. My reason for this is that TT has a reputation for opening a bit late, and time spent waiting for it to open is time lost elsewhere.

So… trying to put myself in a position where TT was equally important to me as Soarin’, with no FPPs. I would probably go to TT first and hope that it opened on time. The 3rd Soarin’ theater HAS cut down on the lines a bit, so I would use that as my second. I’m assuming that you are not even considering FAE.

We are going during the evening on a different day. I have FFP for Frozen on that day. I like how everyone thinks these things through. It’s what I am, obviously, doing too. I didn’t know that TT tends to open a little late. I am going to take that into consideration.

Great question. How about if you have a GG pre-RD reservation? Would you still do TT first or in this case do Soaring first then TT?
I’m going the week of Christmas as well.

Leia, do you have Garden Grill ADR pre-rd?

I keep changing my mind which to do first. TP says go to Spaceship Earth first. Umm, no.

Yes, I have a Garden Grill reservation at 8:10. The park opens at 9:00.

We’ve never eaten there. Will you do Soarin’ first?

Right now my plan is to do Soarin first then head straight over to Test Trek.

We were there the Friday after Thanksgiving. We had a FPP for TT. I had hoped to do TT (so we could ride twice) then go to Soarin however, the crazy crowds adjusted my plans. We planned to RD Soarin and then use FP for TT. So we ran to Soarin at RD was one of the first in line then the lines weren’t long so did it again.

I think the lines for TT get long very quickly (70+ minutes) by 10 am. So unless you plan on an EMH morning or can use Single Rider then I wouldn’t try for TT after Soarin. The lines for Soarin were much more manageable (I think about 30-40 minutes) at 10 am.

I think you may have answered your own question. They haven’t increased capacity at TT, but did at Soarin’. So, I think your should RD TT, then head to Soarin and hope to get two rides in with minimal wait. With any luck, you’ll have done TT & Soarin’ at least once before the regular park hours start.

Post a reply to this thread after you are there to let us know how you made out!

We WILL be using extra morning hours. It sounds like TT first.

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On my last solo trip it was 75 min by 9:20 (9:00 RD, no EMH). Too far back to remember the exact CL, but it was in the 4-6 range.