Soarin' on Sept. 7

I’m trying to update my touring plan for California Adventure on Sept. 7. Touring Plans says Soarin’ will be closed but the official Disneyland website says it will be open. How can I add Soarin’ to my touring plan?

E-mail about this. If Soarin’ will indeed be open, they will change the settings so that it can be added to plans.

@len - perhaps something to be added to the potential enhancement list: the ability to add a closed attraction to a plan. This would be useful when people want to make plans on the hope of there being an early reopening or a soft opening.

I’ve adjusted Soarin’s closure to reflect Disney’s schedule showing it’s open on 9/7. @lastlap this should take care of that issue. Thanks for reporting it.

@brklinck - I’ll consider this for future plan enhancements. I see the appeal for planning. Thanks.

Just came back from a week at DL/CA. Spent three days at CA and the wait for Soarin was much longer than expected on all three days. Also, the FP were a lot more popular than expected. On one day, the FP for Soarin were gone before RSR and GotG.

I might be wrong but I think they were using only one screen (and I think they have two). Not sure if that was because of “Disney cut” or because they had technical issues with one screen.

I would keep that in mind as you plan your day at CA.

When we were there earlier in August we had the opposite experience with Soarin’ Fast passes via MaxPass. I was amazed how easy they were to get. That probably backs up your concept that they are now running down a screen potentially.

I remember looking at wait time and fastpass availability early August and it looked very easy. Stand-by of 30 minutes and fastpass return time good for the next hour or so. That’s what I was hoping for.

But starting mid-August, it changed a lot. Stand-by were typically 60 minutes+ and FP were the most difficult to get. If they are using one screen only, they probably reduced the number of FP available.

When we were there at the end of August we had the same experience. The one time we went to ride I was talking to the CM and she said they were refurbishing one screen and when it was done they would do the other.