Soarin FP+?

Hi all:

I logged in at our 30-day mark this morning, expecting to be able to try for a FP+ for Soarin at Epcot. It isn’t even part of the list (available or unavailable).

We are traveling in early March. Did something change with Soarin? Any info is most appreciated!



Seems unusual - you don’t already have a FPP for Test Track, FEA, or Illuminations do you?
You can only have one of those Tier 1 attractions, so if you do then Soarin wouldn’t show up as an option.

If you don’t already have a Tier 1 FPP, I’d just keep checking back and I’m sure something will show up - we had no issues getting or changing Soarin FPP up until our park day.

In a pinch, hitting Soarin at rope drop can get you multiple rides in a row - we rode twice and were off and heading to TT by 8:20 last trip.

I just checked 3/2 at Epcot, and there are plenty of Soarin FP’s available starting at 9:30am. Do you have FEA, TT, or Illuminations booked? You may only have 1 of these. I would try again.

Thanks to you both for responding. After clearing my browser cache and trying again this afternoon, I was able to secure a Soarin FP+. The help was most appreciated!



Glad you were able to get Soarin. Enjoy!