Soarin fp

There is probably no way to speculate on this at all, BUT, I am going to be at Disney in September, so I am expecting the new Frozen ride to be open and absolutely require a fast pass and I am expecting Soarin to be refurbed, which will mean an extra screen, right? Which will help with the wait times. I also assume (a lot of assuming) that they will both be tier 1 fast passes.
Question is, do you think it may be possible to get an afternoon FP to Soarin as a 4th FP after using my first three? Or will they all be gone?

During Food and Wine?

yes, it does happen to be then.
CL for that day right now is 2

Sept. is typically not as busy. I’m thinking Soaring maybe gone for that 4th FP, but I guess it also depends when your first 3 FP times will be done… The earlier the better.

We got a 4th for soarin this past sept at 5pm on what ended up being a cl 4 day, so if you try early enough in the day I’d think you’d be able to get one.

Thank you, that is great to hear!

As @PrincipalTinker already eluded to, food and wine will definitely make Epcot busier. The CL prediction doesn’t take into account F&W crowds so keep that in mind.

Why would TP not take the F&Wfestival in to account in the crowd calendar?? How much of a difference will it be from the TP CL?

Just a reminder, the new Anna and Elsa ride will open later in the day as it is in World Showcase. That will affect when you can try for a fourth fast pass. So do run to Soaring first.

One word of caution…or pessimism? The extra screen will work to decrease congestion. Eventually. But once the new Soarin’ movie starts showing, that will increase it’s ridership, at least for awhile, won’t it?

To be optimistic maybe test track will become a level 2. And I may be wrong but I think the refurb includes the new movie. I know they will have to reprogram how the gliders move and the scents used. It would make sense to do it all at once.

The Crowd Levels reflect ride waits, not necessarily crowds that are in the park. So the reference that Food & Wine crowds aren’t accounted is that the World Showcase side will be very crowded with people eating, drinking and milling about which is not taken into account by ride line measures and thus CL’s since they aren’t actually riding rides. F&W also brings out a lot of kiosks in World Showcase so there’s less space to walk as well in addition to the larger crowds over there.

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I agree but I think there may be a concern that with the new Frozen attraction and Soarin that if the crowds are there they may also go on those attractions. I think it is just that there is so much “unknown” as we plan.

Given that the CL uses historical crowd data to make future predictions I Imagine it’s hard to predict for F&W given that it’s been extended to it’s longest ever run. Beyond that, I’m not sure how the CL would be able to predict how many guests are coming just for F&W. The best advice I’ve seen is to avoid Epcot on the weekends and evenings during F&W.

we will be there on a weekday, all day. We’ll just do all we can and if we can’t get to all of it, that’s okay.