Soarin during EMH

I made an 8:15 am ADR at GG, to do the pre park open GG/Dash to Soarin’ thing. Just realized it’s EMH so park opens at 8. This is July 9, and the ideal day for us to rise early. Should we plan to attend EMH then walk to Soarin’ then ADR?
In other words will the lines be long by 9 am b/c of EMH. Plan to FP Test Track so can’t book FP for Soarin.

Yes arrive early for EMH, hustle to Soarin, and do the ADR after imo. You may be a little late if you’re not at the front of the queue, but the line will be long if you do the ADR first.


Agree, any chance you can move ADR to later.

This was our scenario as well. We were pla Ning the PPO GG, then the day that worked best was EMM. Scratched the PPO and going to take advantage of EMM (Soarin then FEA) and tour for 2 hours then hit up GG for brunch.


That’s probably a better plan.

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If you show up to emh on time (30 min before rope drop,) I’d assume you can do soarin 2x, and test track once before 9am (if TT isn’t down.)

I wouldn’t keep that 8:15 GG. I’d move it to a later time.


Ok thanks! I was able to switch to 9:45 ADR.
Now if Remi opens - I can get FP for that!