Soarin' Closure

Planning a visit to WDW during week of 6/24/16 to 7/1/16. Will Soarin’ be closed?

I don’t think anyone knows for sure. There is a school of thought that it will reopen 7/1; that it will reopen after the new film is debuted in Shanghai (so 6/17, I believe); or that it will open with the OLD film temporarily sooner and then switch to the new film. To my knowledge, there has not been an official date given, although others may know more.


I just read in the AllEARS newsletter that it will be closed “throughout the summer” …hopefully that isn’t accurate😥

Originally “throughout the summer” was what Disney posted. But there have been strong rumors that it may reopen on Jun 17 (the day after it premiers in Shanghai). I’ve heard the “may open Memorial Day weekend with the old movie” rumor as well, but not from the sources I typically trust. If, in fact, it will be ready to open and is being delayed strictly for marketing reasons, the one explanation for it opening Memorial Day would be to serve as an alternative for those people who come to EP for the Frozen ride and decide they don’t really want to wait 4 hours for a 4 minute ride…

June 17th sounds soooo much better!!! :slight_smile: