Soarin' 2016 refurb schedule?

I see in the Touring Plans 2016 refurb schedule that Soarin’ is supposed to re-open by 4/18, presumably after the new projectors and film are installed.

My question is, how solid is that date? I can either plan a trip for after the opening; but if it’s delayed, I’d rather go sooner, when the crowds are expected to be lighter.

Was the date published somewhere that I’ve not seen?


When it was announced a lot of schedules had it listed until June. I thought Disney said “summer”. Last week a few places changed it to March/April. I will be that week, so I am hopeful (for Rivers of Light as well), but I am not counting on either right now.

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I think that DLR’s Soarin’ already got the new projectors some time last year. I’m not sure of the reason for the upcoming closure. Maybe it is to convert it to “Soarin’ Around the World.” I hope so.

When I checked the link that you posted for the refurb schedule, it looks like it is closing and reopening several times over the next few weeks but that it is supposed to be open again “permanently” on February 26 (that is, if TP has all the dates correct).

Hmm, you are correct (Robert). I would swear I saw another closure through mid-April.

I just did some hunting around on other (trusted) boards, and June 2nd is the earliest date that comes from a credible source. When this was first announced back in October, “later in the summer” and “6-month closure” were the terms being used. Personally, I wouldn’t even think about looking for it before Memorial Day…

We’ve had this discussion on DL chat this morning. Mouseplanet is reporting Soarin “will be closed Monday-Thursday each week until further notice so Imagineers can program the ride for the new Soarin’ film. The ride will be open with the current film Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week. Disney has not yet announced when the new film will debut to the public.”

Major OOPS… I didn’t read what category we were in and was discussing the WDW Soarin’ refurb schedule. Please disregard the above…

@bswan26 - Yay! :grinning: I’m planning to be at DLR in April, and I don’t want to miss Soarin’.

@moorparknay15 - Aww! :disappointed: Unfortunately, this means that I will only have one day to do Soarin’ on the date’s we’ll be there. I’ll have to be sure and squeeze it in if at all possible.