So You Have A 2021 Resort Resv But Can't Get Park Tickets (or Park Resvs)

I’m clicking in to MDE every so often as I have Poly room reserved for Jan 10 - 16, 2021 which was the result of me calling WDW in April and moving my then stay for May 10, 2020. At that time, they would only “allow” me to make a room reservation in Jan 2021.

So, I need to add tickets to this existing room resv. It seemed like today (Weds June 24) we were supposed to be able to do this.

I seem to be in limbo, I have a room resv for Jan 2021 but MDE gives me no option to add tickets, not to mention a park resv.

I believe I’ve seen a few others with this problem. Any luck getting tickets?

Similar experience…
I click on this…

and get this…


Earlier this afternoon, I spoke to a CM about adding tickets to my April 2021 reservation.
I was told they could only add tickets to 2020 reservations today.
Said that I’d have to try back on June 28th.

Seems like that’s total opposite of what they have on their website.

Yeah that’s not right.

I concede that my reservation could face an added complication because it’s a DVC rental but that doesn’t seem to explain why they could help me if it’d been for 2020
And definitely doesn’t seem to jibe with their website


(oops my caps was backward and i don’t feel like fixing it)

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My TA was able to add tickets to my April 2021 Reservation. It was booked as a package by my TA. Did you make the room only reservations? I wonder if that makes a difference?

For me…

When I moved my May 2020 to Jan 2021 (done in April), the CM said they made it as a “Package Enabled” room resv. Rather than a Room Only resv.

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So you should be able to add them today, so frustrating!

After 8 hours of dialing, I am now 35 minutes into a 90 minute hold. I am trying to add tickets to a room et up as a basic package. I will let you know, if I didn’t just get disconnected…

holy nooooooooooooooo

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No more background music, but still counting up time on the call, so who knows.

Oh! Then you’re not disconnected! Keep holding!!! DO NOT HANG UP!!

I won’t hang up unless I hear the clunk of disconnect. But sin e I got up at 3:30 for this fun experience, I may fall asleep holding the phone.

Keep your speaker on and turn it up.
We’ve had agents fall asleep, they will try several times to get your attention.
Hang in there


Have you gotten it straightened out yet? If not, I think the problem is that you can’t do it online. You have to call. And hold… and hold… and hold…

8 hours dialing. So far, 2 hours on hold.

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I’m so sorry.


IN. SANE. What about booking a brand new package online for the same dates and then cancelling your current room only? That’s what I told my TA to do if she can’t get through. Is there a disadvantage to doing that?

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LH: have only tried online… every time I’ve dialed the various numbers, get a busy signal.