So....which week do you recommend?

Hey all!

It’s been a couple of years (yeah, you know why :roll_eyes:) and after a couple cancelled trips, I’m looking to get the best experience for us - Me, DH, DD13, DS11. I have some DVC credits which means I can use a studio for part of the time, but availability dictates that - the later option has more DVC availability at the Poly. Poly is our must do for at least part of the trip. Which of these two time periods/plans would you recommend?

We always go in early-mid August but can’t do that this year. So I’m not sure what I’m getting into.

Arrive later Sunday June 26th. 3 nights Yacht Club/4 nights Poly Studio/1 night Poly regular room. Leave early morning Monday July 4th.
Considerations: maybe less crowded (than my other choice), we don’t care about being somewhere to celebrate the 4th.


Arrive later Sunday July 3rd. 2 nights Yacht Club/6 nights Poly studio. Leave early morning Monday the 11th.
Considerations: probably more crowded, we would want to do MK for our first park and that would be the 4th.

Thank you!!

The July 4th holiday isn’t usually extremely busy so I don’t think it matters much. MK on the 4th will be crazy for the fireworks though. I’d probably lean toward option 2 for less hotel hopping.

I absolutely loved the July 4th fireworks when I went several years ago. Crowds were bad except for the evening at MK. It was worth it though!

Thank you so much @LTinNC82 and @BoilerMomPharmD! I went back and forth a bit, I preferred the earlier dates crowd wise but less hotel hopping on the later dates. The decision sort of was taken out of our hands - we will be going later because of snow day makeups at the end of our year. We might still be able to swing the earlier dates, but we won’t know until after winter how many more snow days we need to make up. So, to be cautious, we wiggled dates a little and now will be arriving Saturday the 2nd in the evening. That way, we can have our day in MK on the 3rd and still catch the end of Flower and Garden on the 4th.
I also changed to 3 nights Yacht - 5 nights Poly. It will really help us fit in more time at Epcot and HS early on in the trip so we can focus on MK at the end, taking advantage of location. I am so excited for this!

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Sounds like a good plan to me! YC and Poly are 2 of my most favorite rooms/resorts on property.

The list of rooms we’ve tried on property is pretty short. GF, POFQ, WL, and Poly. Our first trip was Poly and one of my friends said we spoiled ourselves for the future. She’s right! My husband never wants to try anywhere else. But DD12 has seen videos of Stormalong Bay and loves the idea of being able to walk into World Showcase. I do too!

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